Yellow Vest Protesters Arm Themselves With ‘Caca-tovs’ Or Poop Bombs

  • Police say protesters used social media to encourage the use of Caca-tovs
  • One officer was reportedly injured after being hit with a “poop-filled projectile”
  • Last weekend marked the 16th consecutive weekend of massive Yellow Vests protests

As the Yellow Vests movement continues, protesters adopted a new, yet primitive weapon over the weekend. It is reported that protesters began using poop bombs against law enforcement.

Police say there were calls on social media for protesters to use ‘Caca-tovs’ — a twist on Molotov cocktails that uses caca which is a French term for poop. It was reported that one police officer suffered an elbow injury after being hit with “a poop-filled projectile” according to Marseille police headquarters. Rudy Manna from the Alliance police trade union said at least three officers were “soaked” with poop from the Caca-tovs.

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“The policemen were deeply humiliated,” Manna said. Adding insult to injury, those responsible for the poop bombs were not identified as they managed to hide in the crowd of thousands easily. According to a tweet from La Plume Libre, the showers at the station did not work, which forced officers to be sprayed off with cold water in the garage.

Yesterday at the #NextXI of the #Yellowjackets, several policemen were soiled by #cacatov. Above all, the showers at the police station were no longer working and had to be showered with cold water. Never, they said, have been so humiliated

The Caca-tovs were said to have been made with thin bags and balloons to ensure they exploded upon contact. This was the 16th consecutive weekend of massive protests that began as a response to President Emmanuel Macron’s gas taxes that targeted the working class.



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