Xhale City Vape Clerk Fired For Meltdown Over Ian Furgeson’s Trump Hat

A viral video shows an Xhale City employee having a total meltdown over Ian Furgeson wearing a Trump hat while trying to make a purchase

  • Furgeson posted the video to his Facebook where it has been seen over 700,000 times

  • During the 4-minute viral video the employee screams and assaults Furgeson inside the store

  • Xhale City made a statement to their Facebook saying they fired the clerk then apparently deleted their Facebook page

A viral video posted to Facebook by Ian Furgeson on Friday shows a clerk at Xhale City vape shop in Loganville, Georgia losing his shit over a Trump hat.

The 4-minute video starts with Furgeson saying, “So here we are at Xhale Vapor City in Tucker, Georgia. I’ve just been asked to leave the store.” Furgeson states that he found the product he wanted to purchase. The employee interrupts to say he will call the police if Furgeson continues to record in the store.

Furgeson calls the clerk’s bluff and says right after he calls the cops they can also call local media. As Furgeson says he is excited to talk to corporate and release the video, the employee comes back screaming “Fuck off dude! Fuck off! Get the fuck off of here man! Fuck man! Fucking state… Fucking can’t stand you racist mother fuckers!” The clerk hits Furgeson while yelling.

An entire thread on 4chan turned into a debate over that moment of the video. Many are saying it sounds like the clerk called Furgeson a racial slur after saying “get the fuck off of here.” While we believe the frazzled clerk said “man,” it does also sound slightly like a racial slur. After listening to it around a dozen times, we believe he is saying man but is super worked up, hence him saying “get the fuck off of here” instead of “get the fuck out of here.”

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The clerk is then seen walking around the store on the phone presumably talking to a boss or store owner. He is heard claiming Furgeson has “all this racist shit all over his head.” A black customer silently stands in the store waiting to check out. Furgeson tries to tell the fellow customer he is not racist.

Furgeson tries to make a deal with the employee if he just sells him the product he needs. In return, Furgeson says he will not call the police on the clerk for committing assault. The clerk almost completes the sale until Furgeson makes another comment which sends the clerk back into a full-blown fit during which he begins screaming like a prepubescent child.

Furgeson ends up leaving the store, but before he walks out he says, “Hey, check this out. He’s still your president. Go fuck yourself!” The video has already received almost 800,000 views and has been shared by countless Facebook pages. Aside from going viral, the clerk was also fired from the store.

A few hours after the video began going viral, Xhale City made a post to their now-deleted Facebook page. In the post, the company says they fired the employee immediately. Xhale City also say they spoke to the customer and apologized. Despite making the public apology, it does seem the store deleted their Facebook page for the time being following the viral attention.

To our friends and customers,

Tonight, we had an employee act improperly towards a customer. Xhale City does not tolerate this kind of behavior from its employees. When we identified the employee at fault, we fired him immediately. We’ve also spoken to the customer and apologized. We value our clients and treat them with respect and dignity, regardless of their political views.



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