Woman Has Meltdown After Flight Is Diverted For A Medical Emergency

Woman has total meltdown on video after her flight is diverted for a medical emergency

  • Chianti Washington posted the video to her Facebook on Monday

  • The video has been viewed over 1.6 million times since it was uploaded

  • The woman was eventually taken off the plane by police

On Monday, a video on Facebook went viral of a woman having a meltdown after her flight was diverted for a medical emergency.

Chianti Washington posted the video to her Facebook on Monday morning with the caption, “Irate passenger on my flight Spirit Airlines while making an emergency landing for a passenger with a medical issue!” The video has received over 1.6 million views since yesterday.

The flight had initially been going from Houston to Minneapolis but changed course to due to the medical emergency. It was at that point Washington filmed the unnamed woman as she proceeded to have a full-blown profanity-laced meltdown as nervous passengers uncomfortably waited for her to be removed from the plane.

When the video starts, the woman is seen storming up the aisle screaming, “Get me the fuck off this God damn fucking plane!” She points back at a stewardess walking up the aisle and screams, “You wanna be shitty and bitchy to me? You will see me fucking pissed! You will!”

At this point, the stewardess makes it to the woman and a gentleman is seen standing up. “Get me the fuck out of this plane,” the woman yells as the man begins to try and calm her down.

Another gentleman begins trying to de-escalate the situation, at which point the woman is heard saying, “I will fucking fight.” The woman puts her fists up and begins to make a strange grunt noise.

One of the men is calmly talking to her, but the calm is broken when the woman shrieks, “I don’t fucking care! Put me in a fucking psych vest! You know who my brothers are?” the woman screams. “They’re fucking marine snipers! You wanna fuck with a fucking marine?”

The flight attendant asks the two gentlemen to get out of the woman’s way and allow her off the plane. The two men move, and the woman storms through screaming, “Let me the fuck off you bastards! Go to fucking hell!”

The woman makes it to the front of the plane and screams, “You wanna know what hell is? I’ve fucking been there! Six fucking times,” the woman screams as she jumps up and down. “I lived to tell the fucking story! You wanna know what happened to my family?” she screams as her voice cracks.

The woman continues to scream and cry at the front of the plane inaudibly before she walks back down the aisle towards her seat. The woman can be heard crying as the video ends. The woman was eventually removed from the flight by police.



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