Woman films her maid falling from 7th-floor window instead of offering help in Kuwait

A video on Twitter shows an employer filming her maid fall 7 stories instead of offering her help

  • The maid was attempting to commit suicide but changed her mind was she was dangling from the window

  • The woman survived the fall and a second video shows her being helped off of the awning

  • The maid’s employer has since been detained for filming the situation instead of offering help

A viral video shows the moment that a woman filmed her Ethiopian maid fall from a 7th-floor window instead of offering her help in Kuwait.

The video was uploaded to the Twitter account of @Almajlliss where it quickly went viral. The 12-second video starts with the woman already dangling from the window.

Apparently, the maid was attempting to commit suicide when she had a change of heart. As she begs for help, the woman behind the camera continues to record her and says, “Oh, crazy, come back.”

The maid is heard screaming, “Hold me, hold me,” before she loses her grip and falls seven stories, landing on a metal awning below. The maid’s employer makes no sound as she continues to record the scene. Both videos can be seen below.

Surprisingly, the maid survived the fall and paramedics later rescued her. She was said to have suffered nose and ear bleeding and a broken arm. A second video shows the maid being helped off of the awning.

The reasons behind the maid’s suicide attempt are still unclear. The Kuwait Society for Human Rights called on authorities to investigate the maid’s employer for her callous actions.



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