Winfield Police Officer Sean Skov Fired After Viral Video

Winfield Police Department say Officer Sean Skov is no longer on the force following negative response from viral video

  • On May 13 Rudy Samuel was stopped by Skov

  • Samuel recorded the interaction to Facebook LIVE

  • Skov removed Samuel from his vehicle after finding “vegetation” on his car door

In Kansas, the Winfield Police Department has stated that an officer in a viral video is no longer with the department after receiving a high volume of negative attention.

On May 13, Rudy Samuel was stopped by Officer Sean Skov. Samuel recorded the stop on Facebook LIVE. It was during the stop that Skov claimed to find “vegetation” on Samuel’s door frame then forcefully removed him from the car.

Samuel’s video received national attention. Almost two weeks after the incident transpired, the Winfield Police Department announced that Skov was no longer on the force. No other information was released due to an ongoing investigation into the incident.

Original Story

Thanks to improvements to technology and social media, racially biased policing is an issue that has become impossible to deny. In the past, claims of racially charged harassment from police boiled down to the victim’s word versus the words of an officer of the law, which generally did not turn out well for the victim.

Now with almost everyone having a phone ready to record, and the ability to stream live to social media, there is an abundant amount of videos backing the claims of police racially biased against African-Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans across the country.

On Sunday, in Winfield, Kansas, Rudy Samuel went live on his Facebook page after being pulled over by a Winfield, Police officer. The video starts off with Samuel sitting in his vehicle. “Getting pulled over in Winfield, Kansas. Again,” Samuel says.

Samuel goes on to explain that the officer claimed to have pulled him over because of not using his turn signal within 100 feet. In the video, Samuel notes how long the officer is taking, despite having a valid license and insurance.

Over two minutes after Samuel begins recording, an officer approaches the vehicle and say, “Hey Mr. Samuel. What caught my attention, was this vegetation stuff right here.” The officer then pinches in the window frame to pull out the “vegetation.”

A shocked Samuel asks what the officer means by vegetation. After looking at it, Samuel is heard saying, “Man, that’s tree stuff man?” Samuel tells the officer to test it, to which the officer responds, okay. “Let me put this in a bag real quick,” the officer says as he walks back to his patrol car.

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