WikiLeaks tweets cause people to think Julian Assange is dead.

The tweets sent out yesterday from the Wikileaks caused a bit of panic across social media.

  • As of now, Assange is believed to be alive.

  • Codes included in tweets are thought to be a “Dead Man Switch” by some.

  • As of now, it appears the codes are for an upcoming leak.

A serious of three tweets from WikiLeaks yesterday has many around the Web believing that Julian Assange is dead. Assange has been leading a series of email releases that are making the Clinton campaign work overtime to repair the damages done.

Yesterday, the Twitter account for WikiLeaks sent out three tweets in under thirty minutes. The three tweets were labeled, pre-commitment 1: John Kerry, pre-commitment: 2: Ecuador, and pre-commitment 3: UK FCO.

Three tweets had their own separate 64-character code.

It was not the titles that made people wonder if Assange may be dead. Each tweet is accompanied with a 64-character code. Around the Internet, different theories of the meaning behind the tweets were formulated. It appears the majority of people believed the codes were a “Dead Man Switch.”

This theory means that Assange is dead and he tweeted out the keys to his kingdom. With the relentless attack WikiLeaks has headed up against the Clinton campaign, it would not be exactly out of the realm of possibilities that Assange has shaved a few years off his life.

A dead man switch is said to exist for WikiLeaks should anything happen to Assange. It would also sound crazier to think one does not exist. What was tweeted tonight was not a dead man switch.

The codes are most likely for an upcoming release.

As pointed out by GIZMODO, the secret behind the tweets is literally right there in them. It is most likely that this scenario the “Pre-commitment” is a cryptographic scheme for information that has not yet been released.

This means that when whatever those unique codes apply to gets released; WikiLeaks can prove that the content was not altered in any way. If it were to be altered, then that code would be changed as well.

WikiLeaks had sent out multiple tweets since the three yesterday. In particular, seven hours after WikiLeaks tweeted wikileaks-tweets-cause-people-to-think-julian-assange-is-dead-internetout, “Julian Assange’s internet link has been intentionally severed by a state party. We have activated the appropriate contingency plans.”

Then, just three hours ago WikiLeaks tweeted out a link to donate to their cause. Subduing a lot of unrest and questions of Assange’s well-being. So for the time being it appears the world can relax, well unless you are part of the Clinton campaign, as for the time being it seems Assange is alive and well.



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