Wichita teen Ana Delacadena steals baby ferret from pet store then tries to sell it on Facebook

18-year-old Ana Delacadena stole a baby ferret from Petland Wichita then attempted to sell it on Facebook

  • Petland Wichita posted a video of the theft to their Facebook page that quickly went viral

  • Facebook users were able to name Delacadena as the person responsible

  • A Facebook user was able to provide a screenshot of Delacadena trying to sell the baby ferret in a Facebook group

Not everybody is cut out for a life of crime, for example, a teen in Wichita, Kansas who recently stole a baby ferret from Petland Wichita then tried to sell it in a local Facebook group.

Apparently 18-year-old Ana Delacadena did not know Petland Wichita posted a video of the baby ferret being stolen to their Facebook page and it quickly went viral. The caption with the video read, “We need your help identifying these two individuals involved in the theft of our baby ferret.”

It was not long before Facebook user Izzy Allen provided Petland Wichita with Delacadena’s identity. Allen also posted a screenshot of Delacadena attempting to sell the ferret in a local buy, sell and trade group on Facebook. Delacadena just happened to make the post the same day the baby ferret was stolen.


Delacadena replied to some of the comments, and even called Allen a “rat” in on of her rebuttals.

On another video post, the Petland Wichita Facebook page stated they were going to “bring this information to the police,” in regards to Delacadena’s identity.

On Petland Wichita’s last video, a Facebook user claimed Delacadena’s partner in crime to be Elijah McCray.

At this time the status of the ferret is unknown as a representative of Petland Wichita was not available at the time of this article being published.



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