Wichita Tattoo Shop Owner Raul Tanguma Faces Outrage After Telling Customer To Cut Herself

Raul Tanguma, owner of Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos and Piercings, is facing outrage after screenshots emerged of him telling a 18-year-old female to go cut herself

  • Amanda Bower posted on the shops Facebook page after her friend tried to get scars from self-cutting covered up

  • Tanguma told the girl if she had cut deeper she would not need the scars covered up

  • Screenshots show that this is fairly common behavior for Tanguma with customers

It is no secret that America is in the midst of an astonishingly high and worrisome suicide epidemic. So it should come as no surprise that people were mad after screenshots from the owner of a tattoo shop in Wichita, Kansas was shared to Facebook that show him telling a female customer to cut herself.

Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos and Piercings

Liz Ann Longley posted screenshots to her Facebook account showing a conversation between the Raul Tanguma, owner of Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos and Piercings, and female customer, Amanda Brower.

Brower posted on the tattoo shop’s Facebook page after her friend went in to get some scars covered up from self-cutting. In many cases, looking at the cuts day after day can continue to bring shame to the person, and concern for what others will think when they see them. Tattoos have become a great way for those with self-cutting issues to try and move forward with more confidence in their daily life.

According to Bower’s post, Tanguma asked her friend if Jesus was not available, then followed by asking if a rope or a gun was not available.

Go Cut Yourself Some More

Tanguma responded to the post and stated that he did not ever refer to Jesus. However, he did admit to asking “why cuts and not a gun.” The shop owner also admitted that he told her if she “would’ve gone deeper she wouldn’t have to have them covered.”


Doing his best to be an insensitive asshole, Tanguma went on to say that he was not “sympathetic” and was not going to give theĀ “attention” the cuts deserved. He then told Bower to “go cut yourself some more.”


Bower appeared confused by the response and added that she and her friends were not asking for sympathy. Her words fell on deaf ears as Tanguma replied by telling her to “quit crying and cutting about life. Suburban life ain’t that bad.”

Pizza Face Bitch

Instead of trying to represent his business as a responsible business owner would, Tanguma went on to tell Bower to “cut herself” again, then called her a “pizza face bitch.”

Tanguma then asks if Bower needed a “dermatologist.” Bower responds by saying “I’m 18. I’m very sorry it upsets you.”

Rude Unprofessional Sexual Harassment

Since the post was shared, the tattoo shop’s Facebook page appears have been taken down. Reviews show warning signs of the shop struggling for some time. There are multiple claims of the help being “rude,” “unprofessional,” and claims of “sexual harassment.”

You’re On My Page

A set of screenshots between the shop’s Facebook page and Hannah Deebz shows Bower’s conversation is not the first time Tanguma has told someone to kill themselves.

Deebz starts the conversation by asking “are you really going to call me a bitch then delete your shit?” The shop responded with, “Bitch. Shut up. Get a fucking life. Go back to whatever bullshit troll hole in whatever ratty ass state youre in.” The page admin then says, “Youre on my page,” which between that and the terrible grammar would suggest that Tanguma was once again the person responding.



What follows is more juvenile insults from Tanguma, that finally end with him telling Deebz to go “kill” herself.

Yet Another Set Of Screenshots

The third set of screenshots show a similar but lengthy rant that we can assume is yet again, the work of Tanguma. While this response was longer, Tanguma did manage to refrain from telling this potential customer to kill herself.

How Tanguma even has a business is baffling when you look at the way he speaks to customers. This is a friendly reminder that there are multiple tattoo shops to choose from in the City of Wichita. Judging from the comments in this article, I would rather not want Tanguma to permanently alter my body in any way, shape, or form.



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