Wichita Police Officer Caught On Camera Tampering With Security Camera

Wichita Police Officer caught tampering with home security camera

  • Kameron Prouse uploaded video of the officer turning his security camera away from viewing them

  • Prouse was asleep when the officers came to his door and still does not know their reason for being there

  • On Monday Prouse woke up and saw the footage on his security system

The Wichita Police Department has become no stranger to scrutiny in the previous months. Now a disturbing video posted on Facebook shows an officer tampering with a home security system.

Kameron Prouse uploaded the video to his Facebook on Monday after waking up to see what had happened. In the video, two officers are seen approaching Prouse’s porch after possibly looking through his vehicle with their flashlights. The caption with the post read as follows.

Wichita Police and/or Sedgwick county sheriff’s checking my cars and damaging my property for no apparent reason or a search warrant. My cameras are up for security purposes, how am i supposed to feel secure when the officer in the video disables it? Officers are allowed to damage someone elses property for no reason?

Once on the porch, the two officers noticed Prouse’s security camera. One of the officers rings the doorbell as the other officer grabs the camera and turns the camera off of the officer.

Prouse was asleep when the incident occurred and had no clue why the officers were at his house. On Monday he was told two different stories as to why the officers were at his residence.

One story was that the officers were allegedly dropping off property from when Prouse was in St Francis. Prouse told The Daily Haze that was improbable since he has not been in St Francis for years.

The other story is that officers received an anonymous tip of a domestic disturbance. Even if this is the case, it is not clear why the officers would feel it necessary to check his car or tamper with Prouse’s security camera.

TDH reached out to the WPD for comment, but have yet to receive a reply.



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