Wichita Police officer Marlon Taja Woolcock charged with rape

31-year-old Wichita Police officer Marlon Taja Woolcock has been arrested and charged with one count of rape

  • On Sunday the woman went to a local hospital and reported the rape

  • The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Department made the arrest to avoid any conflict

  • In 2015, Woolcock was a defendant in a civil rights lawsuit stemming from a traffic stop he conducted in 2014

An officer in Kansas has been arrested and charged with rape after a woman arrived at a Wichita hospital claiming that she had been raped. A SANE/SART kit was completed, and law enforcement was called.

To avoid any conflict, 31-year-old Wichita Police officer Marlon Taja Woolcock was taken into custody by the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Department on one count of rape.

Sheriff Jeff Easter says the woman reported on Sunday that she had been raped by Woolcock. Following interviews and search warrants, Easter said there was probable cause to arrest Woolcock.

Easter reported that the rape occurred in the 1300 block of N. Ohio while Woolcock was not on duty. Woolcock was said to be an acquaintance of the victim. Since the arrest, Woolcock has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Roger Moss

In 2015, Woolcock, along with unidentified police officers and the City of Wichita, were named in a civil rights lawsuit by Roger Moss.

Roger Moss vs Marlon Woolcock and the City of Wichita by The Daily Haze on Scribd

According to court documents, Moss claimed that Woolcock racially profiled him when he was pulled over on June 21, 2014. Woolcock issued Moss a traffic citation for failing to display a right turn signal more than 100 feet before making a right-hand turn.

As Moss took a friend to run an errand, he claimed that Woolcock followed him for roughly eight miles before pulling him over. When Moss went to court for the citation issued by Woolcock, it was dismissed by a Municipal Court Judge after hearing Woolcock’s testimony.

In December 2015, a stipulation for dismissal was filed, and all claims made by Moss were dismissed with prejudice.

Moss Vs Woolcock Stipulation for Dismissal by The Daily Haze on Scribd

Woolcock joined the Wichita Police Department in 2011. Public records show that Woolcock was also a pilot who obtained a first class medical designation in March 2014, which expired in March 2015.



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