Wichita Police Hunt For Eli Mendoza Following A Shooting on Thursday

Wichita Police are looking for 28-year-old Eli Mendoza in connection to a shooting that occurred on Thursday

  • Mendoza shot his girlfriend 34-year-old Sophia Gomez during a fight

  • Gomez was shot twice during the incident

  • Mendoza attempted to shoot Gomez in the face both times but she managed to prevent it

Wichita Police are searching for 28-year-old Eli Mendoza in connection to a shooting that occurred around 3:30 pm on Thursday near the intersection of West Mt. Vernon and South Main Street.

Mendoza got into a fight with his 34-year-old girlfriend, Sophia Gomez. Gomez reportedly got out of the car at which point Mendoza was shot twice.

According to a post on social media made by Gomez, Mendoza attempted to shoot her in the face but she managed to slap his arm away causing the first bullet to enter her left breast.

The second attempted shot was almost point blank, but Gomez managed to block it with her right arm. The second shot was said to enter and exit her right arm.

A neighbor heard screaming outside of her home. When she came outside to see what was happening, Gomez was already laying on the ground bleeding from the wounds.

Gomez made the post to inform loved ones that she was okay. She no longer has a phone since it was stolen by Mendoza during the attack. Until Mendoza is arrested, Gomez is not allowed to have visitors or inform anybody of her location.

Police believe Mendoza is armed and dangerous. If he is spotted, do not attempt to approach him and call 911.]



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