Wichita Man Goes Viral For His Take On Drake’s Keke Challenge

Jeremy Lucas posted his take on the Keke challenge on Saturday and has since received almost 300,000 views

  • Lucas’ wife filmed him doing the Keke challenge in an extremely revealing neon green onsie

  • A second video shows Lucas entering a drinking establishment in the outfit

  • Last week the federal government warned people of the dangers of attempting the Keke challenge next to a moving vehicle

A man from Wichita, Kansas has gone viral after posting his take on Drake’s viral Keke challenge to his Facebook on Saturday. The video has received over 260,000 views since it was posted. The number of views is climbing by the minute.

Jeremy Lucas told The Daily Haze he woke up Sunday morning to the video having roughly 40,000 views. By Sunday evening the video had grown by over 220,000 views. In the video, Lucas is seen wearing an extremely revealing neon green onsie as he dances next to a moving vehicle with Drake playing. The caption with Lucas’ status reads, “Here it is .. 1 take. #inmyfeelings #kekechallenge #kikichallenge”.

In a second video, Lucas decided to press his luck and go into Southrock Billiards & Sports Bar, the bar the couple filmed the video behind. Lucas’ wife reluctantly agrees to follow her husband into the bar while filming the scene.

Patrons can be heard laughing as Lucas walks to the bar saying he is “trying to get a beer”. The bar serves Lucas and surprisingly warms up to him as his wife videos. By the end of the video, his first beer was bought for him and another gentleman is heard trying to buy him another beer a beer. Lucas can also be heard wishing a couple Happy Anniversary before leaving.

A third video shows Lucas and close friend Dustin Blue Lee walking to their dirt bikes in slow motion while wearing matching outfits as LMFAO’s “Everyday I’m Shuffling” plays.

Lucas says since the video went viral he has had thousands of friend requests and countless messages—including dick pics—sent to his account but is taking the viral attention in good spirits.

The Keke challenge comes after Drake’s new album “Scorpion” exploded on YouTube and Instagram. Instagrammer TheShiggyShow issued the Keke challenge which encourages people to dance to the single “In my feelings”. In the song, a girl named Keke is mentioned, which explains the name of the challenge.

The actual challenge does not state the person must dance outside a moving car. However, some of the highest viewed viral videos have been from people doing it next to a moving car. This current viral challenge has escalated to the point that the federal government has gotten involved.

The National Transportation Safety Board—a committee that investigates traffic accidents and advocates for new safety measures—posted on their their Facebook last week to warn of the dangers with attempting the Keke challenge.

We have some thoughts about the #InMyFeelings challenge. #Distraction in any mode is dangerous & can be deadly. Whether you are a #driver, #pilot, or #operator, focus on safely operating your vehicle. https://theblast.com/drake-inmyfeelings-challenge-ntsb/

Read more on this #NTSBmwl issue: https://ntsb.gov/safety/mwl/Pages/mwl8-2017-18.aspx #MWLMonday

Others trying to do the challenge next to a moving vehicle have failed horribly. Videos are spreading online of people injuring themselves while trying to get their viral fame. Below is a compilation of some of the Keke challenge fails.



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