Wichita Kansas Thief Dubbed The 50 Cent Gangsta After Getting Caught Stealing Candy

Wichita Kansas thief dubbed the 50 Cent Gangsta after getting caught stealing candy

  • 41-year-old Jeff Walcher was caught stealing 50 cents worth of candy from a  convenience store on South Broadway

  • Phong Nguyen posted security footage of the would-be thief that quickly went viral giving Walcher the new nickname 50 Cent Gangsta

  • According to Kansas Department of Corrections Walcher is also known as “Baby Girl” and has a long criminal record

A viral video from a convenience store in Wichita, Kansas has given a local thief Internet fame after he was caught trying to steal 50 cents worth of candy.

Phong Nguyen posted two videos of 41-year-old Jeff Walcher to his personal Facebook. The videos begin after Walcher is already in handcuffs for attempting to steal candy from Nguyen’s convenience store on South Broadway. Walcher was placed in handcuffs in order to keep him in the store while waiting for police to arrive.

Viral Video

In the first video, Nguyen can be heard asking Walcher if he wants “to go to jail today,” or if he wants “to go home.” Walcher begins insisting that he did not try and steal from Nguyen’s store, claiming he “forgot” about the candy he had put in his pocket.

Nguyen, states in the video that he was prepared to allow Walcher to leave under some “conditions,” but after hearing the would-be thief running his mouth, he decides to take that deal off the table.

50 Cent Gangsta

In the other video, Nguyen is in awe that all of this is happening due to Walcher stealing 50 cents worth of candy. During the clip, Walcher begins telling Nguyen that he is an “OG gangsta.” Nguyen responds by telling Walcher that he is a “50 Cent Gangsta,” thus giving the candy thief his new nickname.

Baby Girl

According to Kansas Department of Corrections, 50 Cent Gangsta is not Walcher’s only nickname. Jeffrey Shane Walcher is also known as “Baby Girl,” “Baby G,” “BabyG,” “Bulldog,” “Jeffrey Baby G,” “Little G,” “LittleG,” and “Walcher Baby Girl,” among a few other renditions of his birth name. We were confused about the nickname Baby Girl, thinking it was perhaps an error by KDOC, but an unconfirmed story on social media involving a pair of shoes and fellatio appears to possibly clear up some of the confusion.

Along with a strange list of nicknames, Baby Girl also has a lengthy rap sheet from 1993 through 2009 consisting of multiple thefts, robbery, and drug charges. Baby Girl also has an unbelievable number parole and corrections violations.

One of Nguyen’s videos has been viewed over 50,000 times. Nguyen often posts security videos of some of the more “interesting” customers he runs into, but so far it appears the 50 Cent Gangsta, for obvious reasons, has received the most attention yet.



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