Wichita House Possibly Cased In Bizarre Surveillance Video

A woman in Wichita entered a man’s home after knocking on the door and claimed he owed her money

  • The woman entered Tony Hull’s house on Tuesday evening

  • The woman claimed Hull had met her at a gas station

  • Before she left the woman threatened to come back for her money

Two bizarre videos uploaded to Facebook show a strange incident that led a homeowner and police to believe at least two individuals were possibly casing his house.

On Tuesday, a Tony Hull posted a video on Facebook from a home security camera. In the video, a woman is seen ringing Hull’s doorbell and knocking at his front door. Hull said he was tired after getting off work, and opened his front door without even thinking about it, at which point the woman walked straight into his house.

After opening the door, Hull is heard saying, “Hi, hows it going?” The woman replies “good how are you” as she walks inside the house. Hull is heard asking the woman to leave as she claims to have just met him at a gas station. The caption with the post reads as follows.

This lady rang my doorbell earlier tonight. Normally I don’t bother answering solicitation attempts but being tired after working all day, I’d forgotten about the ability to talk through my ring doorbell and answered the door. She barged right past me into my house uninvited and I attempted to play it cool for a few seconds trying to see if maybe she was in trouble, but when I asked her if she was okay/what she was here for she just gawked (while someone sat in a car in my driveway) around my living room and then proceeded to tell me I was the one she met up with at a gas station up the street, and that I had given her this address, etc. I politely asked her to leave and she wouldn’t, then demanded that she leave, and after about 3-4 minutes was able to get her out of my house, but not before threatening to come back for her money. If anyone knows who this is I’d appreciate the information, thanks.

Hull uploaded a second video that shows the vehicle the woman was riding in, but the driver cannot be clearly seen. The camera was not able to get a license plate, but the vehicle is believed to be a “deep water blue” 2006-2007 Hyundai Sonata LX.

After the woman left, Hull filed a police report. As it stands, the woman’s intentions are unclear, but there are two possible motivations. The woman could have been an escort given an incorrect address. This would explain why the woman claimed Hull owed her money.

Unfortunately, the more probable possibility is the woman was casing the house to come back at a later point in time. It is common for thieves to case a residence before attempting to commit a robbery to ensure it is worth the risk. The fact that the woman gave a false story of meeting the man at a gas station would suggest that she had a more nefarious purpose for entering the house.

Hull says he lives in a good neighbor on the edge of Wichita, but their have been issues lately. In May, Hull had his door kicked in and his house robbed. A week later Hull’s neighbor had a boat stolen out of their backyard. Hull caught a man on camera stealing his neighbor’s wood chipper out of his driveway and there has been numerous cars broken into, raising concerns the neighborhood may be targeted.



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