Wichita Chiropractor Dan Dopps’ menstrual lipstick company ‘Mensez’ is a total PR nightmare

Wichita Chiropractor Daniel Dopps looks to launch new company Mensez that provides “Feminine Mensez Lipstick”

  • The lipstick is an adhesive used to seal the vagina during menstruation until the woman goes to urinate

  • Dopps owns the patent on the bizarre menstrual lipstick along with several other patents

  • The Mensez Facebook page has received an overwhelming negative response despite no products being available from the company yet

UPDATE: Since the release of this article, Mensez has removed their Facebook page without warning. There is no telling if Dr. Dopps has abandoned this ridiculous idea, or if the company is simply trying to save themselves from any further embarrassment on social media. TDH will be reaching out to Mensez for comment during business hours.  As of now Mensez.com is still up and running. 

For centuries, women all over the world have prayed for a way to prevent menstrual leakage. If only there were a product they could trust to prevent embarrassing menstrual leaking. Thanks to a chiropractor in Wichita, Kansas, their prayers are about to be answered.

Dr. Daniel Dopps, the CEO and President at Mensez Technologies,  has patented a way for women to finally stop menstrual leaking. The longer version reads as follows, according to Dopps’ patent.

A method for controlling menstrual flow including sphincterally contracting and expanding labia minora having left and right labium minuses, such anatomical structures moving to a closed position upon each sphincteral contraction or to an opened position upon each sphincteral expansion; adhering and disjoining the labia minora, each adhesion securing the labia minora at the closed position, the disjunctions freeing the labia minora for opening movement; and resisting and permitting menstrual flow, the resistance occurring on sphincteral contraction and adhesion, and the permission occurring upon sphincteral expansion, each adhering step disposing a hydrophobic and bio-compatible adhesive selected from acrylic adhesives, polyisobutylene adhesives, and silicone adhesives, and each disposition step utilizing an applicator selected from brushes, swabs, rub-on sticks, roll-on applicators, pump sprayers, aerosol sprayers, squeeze tube applicators, bottle applicators, and finger applicators.

Feminine Mensez Lipstick

The short version is that Dopps believes that women should glue the lips of their vagina shut with “Feminine Mensez Lipstick.” The adhesive apparently seals the vagina and keeps in menstruation until the woman goes to urinate, ensuring the “blood stays secure inside where it should be.”

If you think this has to be a joke, you are not alone. The Mensez Facebook page has gained some popularity, but not in a good way. The comment sections on the Mensez Facebook page has become an excellent source for entertainment.

Mensez seems only to be receiving negative feedback, and they still have yet to release a product. Aside from the concept being completely ridiculous, some are angry about how the page describes the product and the female body; such as referring to a vagina using Mensez as a “self-cleaning shower drain.”

Included in the comments is one from Dopps own brother, Brad Dopps. In the comment on a Mensez post, a Facebook account that appears to belong to Brad Dopps refers to his brother Dan as “insane.” Brad goes on to claim that there has been no testing of the product and that he has tried to discuss his brother’s “lunacy.”

He is insane. I am his brother and have tried to discuss his lunacy. I appreciate your opinions answer share them, but he is in it to win it. He is crazy in my opinion.
He does not have a product that works. He has not tested it. Don’t you think a person with half a brain would do that before they started marketing it? What he is doing is WRONG it is bad science. I have voiced my opinion but how do you rationalize with a brain made of concrete?

Keep up the good work. I have not encountered one person that thought this was a good idea or product. That should be your answer.

While both brothers are involved with Dopps Chiropractic, Dan is listed on the website Dopps.com, while his brother Brad is listed on DoppsChiropracticClinic.com. Both businesses are connected to two different addresses.

Is This A Joke

Many appear to be hoping that Mensez is some type of intricate trolling. A bad joke being taken too far. Surely a respected chiropractor could not honestly think this product is a good idea? After doing some research, it does not appear this is a joke at all.

On Dopps’ Linkedin, the chiropractor claims to have been the CEO, President of Mensez since January 2014. In the description for Mensez, Dopps writes, “Mensez LipStick when applied to the labia minora, creates a seal that is perspiration and blood proof but it breaks down instantly with urine, retaining menstrual fluid in the vagina until urination. Upon urinating the seal releases and allows the urine along with the menstrual fluid to exit into the toilet. Think of it as potty training the period, cleaner, healthier, more secure, less risk of infections.”

US9539077 B1

To take things to the next level, Dopps filed a patent on December 5, 2011. According to a patent search, patent US9539077 B1 has a publication date of January 10, 2017, and it is owned by Daniel A. Dopps. Dopps also has multiple patent variants for bottle capping assembly, and a resealable snack bag that has a “set of snaps” that are “fixed directly onto the bag.”

According to Dopps’ Linkedin, he is also the CEO, President of Wave-Cap Closures, which holds the patent for “‘On-The-Go’ Beverage Caps!” He is also the CEO, President of ClearNeon Inc, a company that sells “UV reactive color, developed exclusively from invisible rare earth elements to create maximum color intensity when exposed to black lights.”

A PR Nightmare

The Facebook page for Mensez is a PR nightmare. Whoever is handling the social media page sounds hauntingly reminiscent of male GOP speakers who have made insensitive and uneducated comments towards the female anatomy.

According to the website, Mensez’s products are still in development, which gives a clearer idea of how bad things are going with the new company. Normally it is a bad sign if you are getting a significant amount of negative feedback, and your primary product is still in development.



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