Wichita School Bus Driver Holds Kids In Strip Club Parking Lot

Multiple videos show a school bus driver in Wichita, Kansas refusing to let children off a bus for being too loud

  • The bus driver pulled over just a few miles from school in a strip club parking lot

  • Parents say the children were held on the bus for roughly an hour

  • A Wichita public schools representative said the driver did the right thing

  • It is reported the bus driver is no longer working for the school

Multiple videos from parents in Wichita, Kansas have gone viral. The videos show children crying and screaming on a school bus after a driver refused to let the children off the bus because they were being too loud.

Nervous parents began wondering where their children were when they did not arrive home from school on Friday. Parents eventually found the missing school bus that had pulled off the road into a strip club parking lot just a couple miles from the road then refused to let children exit the bus until police arrived.

One parent, Eileen Hernandez told KAKE News that after her and her husband’s worry grew they called the bus company. She could hear the bus company trying to find the location of the school bus, but the driver was not responding. Instead, the driver was allegedly walking up the aisles and screaming at the children. The driver was reportedly telling the children they would not go home if they did not be quiet, which only caused the terrified children to panic.

I heard her, I guess, radioing the bus route like, ‘Bus route two, route two, where are you?’ and she wasn’t getting a response. And by the time she got back on the phone with me, I already found the bus.

In the videos that were shared on Facebook, children are seen frantically screaming for their parents through the bus windows. Parents are pacing along the side of the bus demanding for the children to be let off the bus. Children can be heard screaming and crying as one girl even tries reaching for her parent through the open bus window. The scene resembles a hostage situation more than it does disciplining children for being too loud.

Hernandez is one of the parents that posted a video of the incident. Since it was shared to her Facebook account it has received over 500,000 views. An update to the description of the video says the driver is no longer working for the school.

I don’t think my son will be riding the bus ever again! I’m still shaking. My son was ok, but these poor babies. My heart is so broken. I drove around my neighborhood picking up parents waiting on their kids. This felt like a scene from a scary movie. I can’t watch this without crying

Edit: The sub bus driver pulled over in front of a strip club because the kids were being too loud, (she only drove 3 min away from the school) the bus driver was going up and down the aisle screaming at the top of her lungs at the children telling them they were going to stay there all night and that they weren’t going home therefore the children completely freaked out. They were terrified. The driver is no longer employed with our school.

Jeremy Marley also posted a video of the incident to his Facebook. His video has received almost 30,000 views. In the description of the video, Marley states the children were not allowed to get off the bus until police were on scene, which is a school policy.

So my daughter got held hostage by a bus driver that couldnt handle her job for an hour – locked the doors and we and wouldnt open them till the cops got there – just happened to be in a strip club parking lot.

A Wichita public schools representative actually sided with the driver, saying she did the right thing. The representative said drivers are supposed to pull over if the children are out of control and being a threat to safety. However, one may argue that if keeping the children in a strip club parking lot for an hour and yelling that they are not going home is policy, it may be time to reevaluate the policy.



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