St. Louis Metropolitan Police take it easy tonight

White People Protest, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Rides Bikes

Day 6 of protesting the Jason Stockley verdict in St. Louis illustrates the very real racism practiced by St. Louis Metropolitan Police.

  • For the first night since the verdict, St. Louis Police aren’t militarized after dark

  • Instead of shields, police officers have bikes

  • People are incredulous at the stark change of treatment

Racism in action

Tonight, there has been a protest of nearly exclusively white people. They are demonstrating that white people do indeed care about black lives, and are using their white privilege to speak out. As a result, instead of turning out in riot gear like the St. Louis Metropolitan Police have at every other demonstration, cops stay on the opposite sides of barricades, riding bicycles and wearing polo shirts. Unsurprisingly, there have been no real incidents. Why do I say unsurprisingly? Because riot police cause riots. Seeing police geared up for war invites war. It makes people feel threatened, fearful, and angered. It also changes the attitude of the police, putting them into fight mode. And when the violence inevitably does break out, they become extremely brutal. Tonight, they have been given hands-off orders, and protesters march and sing without fear.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police is racist from the top down

Having been given a hands-off order, and told to act respectably toward the white protestors, it is very clear that the person issuing orders didn’t feel there would be any danger tonight. This was a very highly advertised protest, right outside of a Billy Joel concert. But earlier in the day, when everyone was protesting outside of St. Louis Galleria Mall, the geared up goons were threatening and running their intimidation tactics, as well as towing protesters’ cars.

Hey St. Louis Police: Stop it!

The intimidation has to end. St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has got to stop treating black humans as less than human, which is what has caused every issue leading up to and including the current problems that residents are speaking out about.



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