Known White Nationalist Andrew Dodson Commits Suicide

Known White Nationalist Andrew Dodson died from an apparent suicide in March of 2018

  • Dodson gained national attention after he was identified as one of the participants of the Charlottesville rally in August 2017

  • Images and video showed Dodson carrying a torch and cheering during a fight while wearing a red shirt that read Arkansas Engineering

  • On Friday word of Dodson’s suicide began spreading on social media

On Friday, word began spreading via social media that known white nationalist Andrew Dodson had passed away from suicide. Dodson received national attention after he was identified in images and video at the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally that ended with the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer.

On social media, Dodson is being recognized as a fallen brother and a hero by the alt-right and praised for his attendance at the Charlottesville rally. Supporters of the White Nationalist movement claim Dodson was a victim of cyberbullying after being identified in images and video from the rally.

Dodson’s death may just now be gaining some attention, but in reality, it has been over two months since he took his own life. An obituary on reports the death happened on March 9, 2018. Dodson’s Facebook profile is now a memorial page as well.

On August 16, 2017, the Arkansas Times published an article written by Jacob Rosenberg titled, “Arkansas-linked Charlottesville marcher identified, apologizes to those misidentified.” Before Dodson was identified as the man wearing the red shirt that read “Arkansas Engineering,” several others were misidentified, including an Engineering professor at the University of Arkansas who became the target of Internet backlash.


“There’s a couple of guys in Fayetteville that have been misidentified as me. … It’s not those guys, it’s not them; it’s me. I’m so sorry, I would never want to hurt you and your family. If they want my T-shirt back, I’ll send it to them,” Dodson told the Arkansas Times.

I learned so much from these [engineering] guys. It breaks my heart that they’re going to think I’m a Nazi, or a KKK, or a white supremacist.

I did not put on that University of Arkansas shirt in order to represent them. It’s really like one of my favorite shirts, and I was wearing it when I got on the plane. I just didn’t put two and two together. It was dumb.

Dodson claimed that he had participated in the campaign to elect Ron Paul president in 2008, the Occupy Movement, and the Tea Party movement and came to Charlottesville to“see who these alt-right people were.” Dodson also claimed he saw no Nazi flags and stood against racism on both sides, but continued to participate in the rally.

A video tweeted on August 12, 2017, from Twitter user @areta clearly showed Dodson at the frontlines of two clashing groups. First, as a fight breaks out between two groups of protesters and counter-protesters Dodson is seen standing and holding his tiki torch in the air as the alt-right chants “White Lives Matter.” Dodson is then seen hugging a fellow protester.

Many have jumped to defend Dodson as news of his suicide begins to spread on social media. Known neo-Nazi Billy Roper wrote an article for THE SHIELDWALL NETWORK titled “Andrew Dodson, R.I.P..” Roper and others blame Rosenberg for Dodson’s death. A picture of Rosenberg fills the banner on the article with the caption, “(pictured: Jacob Rosenberg, the Jew who doxxed Andrew Dodson).”

Roper says there will be a “collective reckoning,” and that Dodson’s “life will not have been in vain.”

We honor Andrew Dodson for taking his stand, and we mourn that he has fallen. There will be a collective reckoning, and his life will not have been in vain. Rest In Peace, brother.

Dodson’s death is one of many to come after online bullying. In early December 2017, adult film star August Ames was found dead from a suicide following a brutal attack on Twitter following a tweet saying she refused to work with gay actors and warning a fellow actress.

whichever (lady) performer is replacing me tomorrow for @EroticaXNews , you’re shooting with a guy who has shot gay porn, just to let cha know. BS is all I can say‍♀ Do agents really not care about who they’re representing? #ladirect I do my homework for my body✏



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