Westboro Baptist Church protested Derby High School after electing a transgender student as Holly Ball King

Westboro Baptist Church protested a high school in Derby, Kansas after a transgender student was elected Holly Ball King

  • Five members of the WBC were greeted by a large crowd of people in support of the student and the school

  • Members of the Patriot Guard circled the area on their motorcycles drowning out the WBC’s songs

  • The group was escorted by police to and from the area of their protest

On Wednesday, the Westboro Baptist Church went after their newest target, a transgender high school student. Given this twisted church’s background, it did not come as much of a surprise.

Just a handful of members from the WBC descended upon Derby High School located in Kansas. In December, Derby High School had a transgender student voted as┬átheir “Holly Ball King.”

Apparently, the idea of a transgender high school student named Holly Ball King was a significant enough of an issue that the Westboro gang knew they had to protest outside the high school. On the WBC website, the group had this to say.

Lord willing, Westboro Baptist Church will picket Derby High School, and peacefully preach to the Bible-ignorant students, parents and their entourage at Derby High School – where they recently crowned a tranny girl as ‘Holly Ball King’ – to remind them of these simple Biblical precepts.

WBC protest Derby High School

Church or Cult

The WBC is a small church that has all the warning signs of being a cult at heart. The message of hating the gay community, and celebrating the deaths of soldiers are instilled into members beginning at a young age. Those that leave the church find themselves ultimately exiled, even if they are family. The WBC holds the idea of either being with them or against them to heart.

For years, people have tried to have the WBC labeled as a hate group. Unfortunately, between being a family chock full of lawyers, and hiding under the guise of religion, the group has managed to keep their title as a church.

At Derby High School on Wednesday, the handful of WBC members were greeted by a much larger group opposing their message. Members of the Patriot Guard were in the crowd and constantly circled the area on their motorcycles to drown out the WBC’s bizarre hate songs.

At one point during the protest, Shirley Phelps-Roper of the WBC decided to pull out an American flag and throw it on the ground. She then stood on it and sang for the rest of the groups time at the high school. When she was done, she blew her nose on the flag before placing it in a bag.

Police put up barricades around the WBC and made sure to keep a safe distance between them and the growing opposing crowd. Once the WBC members were done, they were escorted by police back to their vehicles and left the area.

Can You Hear Me Now

There was a debate on whether or not the anti-Westboro protest would happen or not. Some believe that the best way to deal with the WBC is by simply ignoring them as if they were a child searching for attention.

The only problem is that the WBC is not an attention seeking child. They are a small, but solid group that thrives on spreading a message of hate. The group has proven over the years that it does not matter if there are 2 people or 2,000, they will still spread their message.

That is why groups like the Patriot Guard do what they can to drown their message out. The only thing worse than nobody listening to your message is nobody being able to hear it.

According to the WBC’s website, their next planned picket is going to be at the inauguration in DC on January 20. From there, the group plans on going to the Super Bowl and then the Grammys.



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