Wes Clark Jr no longer involved in Veterans Stand for Standing Rock

Wes Clark Jr announced his decision to leave Veterans Stand for Standing Rock in a press release

  • Clark Jr. raised $1.2 million to use towards getting thousands of veterans to the Oceti Sakowin camp

  • In a press release it was stated that Clark Jr. did not have access to the Go Fund Me account

  • Michael Woods Jr is said to have all control over the Go Fund Me account

  • Woods Jr will be leading Veterans Stand and hopes to have an open record for accounting of the funds public as soon as possible

As the stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline continues in Standing Rock, questions and concerns over crowd funded money raised are beginning to surface. The concerns are not just impacting the camps, but also the group of veterans that came to “Stand for Standing Rock.” Wes Clark Jr. led thousands of veterans into Standing Rock to stand alongside those who have been receiving inhumane and brutal treatment from the Morton County Sheriff’s Department over the past months.
The final straw for the veterans was when water protectors were sprayed down with fire hoses in 23-degree weather, attacked with tear gas and concussion grenades, and shot with rubber bullets on November 20. Thousands of veterans agreed to go to the Oceti Sakowin camp to act as a human shield against the over militarized law enforcement that clearly abused their power multiple times in the past few months.
After the vets had arrived at camp, TDH was able to confirm that the plan was to march up to the drill pad and take it over. The original plan never happened though. Instead, thousands of veterans were brought in from around the country for basically nothing. Tribal elders prevented any attempt to go near the Blackwater Bridge where law enforcement created a barricade. In fact, it was said that the veterans that arrived were asked not to do anything at all.
The trip was a complete waste of an extremely powerful unification of veterans, Native Americans, and other water protectors in the area. A majority of the veterans simply sat in the Prairie Knights Casino for the larger chunk of the three-day trip.
In total, a Go Fund Me to get the veterans to Standing Rock raised $1.2 million dollars. With some veterans stranded and left going without necessities, questions were almost immediately raised in regards to Clark Jr.’s use of the money.
On December 9, Clark released a tweet stating “It’s not a lot of money. Basic math.1.2 million, – 5% gofundme, -3% we pay/4.5k, $245 person. Without self supports impossible.”
In a recent press release from the Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, Clark Jr. announced he was separating himself from the group. It was announced that Michael A. Wood Jr. would now be in charge of Veterans Stand. Wood Jr. also stated that Clark Jr. never had access to the main Go Fund Me account.

As this mission wraps up Veterans Stand will transition into a 501C4, lead by Michael Wood Jr. And with those filings will come a CPA treasurer. All funds have been used towards the mission – hundreds have already been reimbursed, and an online form is being developed for those who still seek reimbursement. The mission has not completely wrapped up yet, and reimbursements will have to be priority-based as taxes must be set aside until the legal issues with the 501c4 are complete. Going forward Wes Clark Jr. has plans to branch off as the 27th Calvary as a spiritual mission based upon similar goals from different perspectives. He is no longer affiliated with Veterans Stand. But we will look forward to working together as we build separate organizations.


While Clark Jr. did not have access to the main Go Fund Me account, it is not known if he accepted money from any other avenues during the fundraising process. Wood Jr did state that they would make an open record of accounting of the funds public as soon as possible. The press release can be read in its entirety below.

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