Pictures Show 76-Year-Old Wayne Peck Brutally Beaten In Chewelah WA

Pictures on Facebook claims 76-year-old Wayne Peck was beaten by a group of men then left in the street

  • According to Rachelle Moran the attack happened at Peck’s job

  • Peck is said to be being airlifted to Sacred Heart in Spokane for a brain bleed

  • A Go Fund Me was created to help Peck with his medical costs

A 76-year-old man was allegedly beaten by a group of guys on the streets of , Washington then left him on the ground. Wayne Peck Is now said to be being airlifted to Sacred Heart for a brain bleed.

Early Monday morning Rachelle Moran made a post to her Facebook showing two pictures of Peck sitting in the hospital bloodied and beaten. Peck is holding a towel to his head and is covered in dried blood.

Need Prayers for “dad” Wayne Peck Some guys came and beat the crap out of him and left him outside on the ground. He didnt know them. Hes being airlifted to Sacred Heart for a brain bleed 😰 He is 76yo for goodness sakes!!! Here is the GoFundMe

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Moran posted a link to a Go Fund Me account that was started after her post went viral. Her post has currently been shared over 7,000 times since she shared the images three hours ago. The Go Fund Me has only raised $25 of the $25,000 campaign goal.

Wayne Peck Dad and Grandpa to so many (he doesnt care if your blood or not) was savagely beaten tonight in Chewehla, wa. He is know by everyone as the recycle guy.
Some men came up acted like they had some recycling to sell and beat and stomped on him. They left him unconscious and bleeding on the ground in the freezing cold.
He was airlifted to Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane for a brain bleed. He would givery the shirt off his back to anyone! Hes 76 years old and works his ass off! This is beyond heartbreaking! Thank you for you kindness and your prayers.

The comments section of Moran’s post has taken a turn for the worst. Many are asking why Peck is sitting up in the pictures if he has a brain bleed. Others are claiming the Go Fund Me is a fraud. Then there is even some that are making it a race issue.

The Go Fund Me was created two hours after Moran’s post was made. After seeing the viral attention it is most likely she wanted to try and help. Crowdfunding in these situations are very common. Another picture posted from Moran shows Peck with the blood cleaned off and oxygen on him. The picture shows the chances of the Go Fund Me being a scam as very unlikely.



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