Twitter Users Claim Wayne Fawvor Yelled At Protesters In Orange Texas

Twitter users claim Wayne Fawvor is the man on camera yelling at two protesters in Orange, Texas

  • The viral video was recorded on Saturday at the Confederate Memorial of the Wind

  • Jeremy and Tracie Parzen were yelled at by Fawvor during their peaceful protest

  • The Parzens founded Repurpose in opposition of the Confederate memorial

Twitter users claim Wayne Fawvor was the man on video cussing out two protesters in Orange, Texas. Tracie Parzen and Jeremy Parzen were protesting the Confederate Memorial of the Wind when Fawvor approached them on Saturday.

The Parzen’s founded Repurpose, which believes the Confederacy is something that should be remembered as a part of history in a museum type setting, but not honored as a memorial.

The property and memorial lie on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, a main thoroughfare and one the city’s main arteries. … Nearly half the residents of Orange are black.

While Confederate symbols are being removed around the country, the Confederate Memorial of the Wind is still in construction. Repurpose managed to raise the funds to get a billboard to protest the memorial that read, “The Confederate Memorial of the Wind doesn’t reflect Orange, Texas, community values. Please ask the Sons of Confederate Veterans to repurpose this site.”

The Parzens had just begun their peaceful protest when Fawvor drove by in his truck and screamed something. Fawvor then got on the freeway, but instead of leaving, he apparently parked his truck at a gas station across the street from the Parzens and approached them on foot. That was when Tracie began filming with her phone.

“Why don’t y’all get out of here? What gives y’all the right to be fucking protesting America?” Fawvor yelled at the two. Tracie responded, “This is free speech. We can stand on this corner,” which only seemed to anger Fawvor more. Fawvor began claiming they needed a permit to be there, which is not true.

The Parzens kept their cool and asked Fawvor why he was so angry. Fawvor seemed unable to answer any of the reasonable questions he was being asked. He went on to end his misguided patriotic rant by calling the Parzens “pieces of shit” and suggesting they “get the fuck across the border.”

Y’all are pieces of shit and you’re out here. This is America’s heritage. And you don’t have a right to try and destroy it. And that’s all you stupid son of bitches try and do. You’re worthless. You’re shit. You don’t like us, get the fuck across the border. Fuck y’all.

As Fawvor walked away, Tracie yelled, “Jesus loves you,” to which he responded, “Yeah you’re damn right he does. But he fucking hates you.” Fawvor then got in his vehicle and left.

Angry social media users have called for local media outlets to identify the man in the video since the incident went viral. As commonly seen, social media users only waited so long before taking matters into their own hands.

On Monday, an image started being shared of Fowler allegedly taken from his Facebook — which appears to have been deleted at this point — holding a rifle. Attached to the picture is multiple rifles and ammunition boxes. The image was tweeted out by Holly Figueroa O’Reilly after she had asked her 198,000 followers to identify the man.



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