Watch: Alabama DHR removes newborn from a teenage rape victim.

Alabama DHR wrongfully removed a 2-day-old infant from the 14-year-old mother.

  • Alabama DHR encouraged the young mother to have an abortion during the early stages of pregnancy.

  • The mother was a victim of rape.

  • The father of the child, Samuel Woods III, was charged with statutory rape after the birth of the baby.

  • Three other girls also came forward since the birth, totaling 4 counts of statutory rape against him.

  • The grandparents were the legal guardians and their house was cleared just one week before the removal of the children.

  • The young mother and baby remain in Childhaven. Childhaven has a very disturbing history.



A recap of how the Alabama DHR responded after a 14-year-old rape victim decided to keep the baby that was conceived. The mother, her baby, and her twin brother still remain in DHR custody to this day.

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