Warriors For Christ Bans Rainbow Emoji From Their Facebook Page But It Did Not Turn Out Well

The Warriors for Christ made a post saying they would ban anybody from their Facebook page that posted a rainbow flag emoji

  • For almost 24 hours straight people have been flooding the page with rainbow emojis and memes

  • The page claims those posting rainbow material are acting as “Satan’s puppets”

  • The rainbow emoji is available for LGBT Pride Month

As Facebook celebrates LGBT month by adding a rainbow flag emoji to their list of emojis, one Facebook page did not want to join in the festivities.

The Warriors for Christ Facebook page decided to post a warning to their Facebook page, which has just under 200,000 fans. The post read, “A RAINBOW EMOJI WILL GET YOU INSTANTLY BANNED FROM OUR PAGE.”

Challenge Accepted

Well the Internet saw the post and apparently decided challenge accepted. Surely they can’t ban all of us. After beginning a holy war with the rainbow flag emoji, the page is drowning in tens of thousands of rainbow emojis and memes. The rainbow-fueled assault on the Warriors for Christ Facebook page has been going on for almost a grueling 24-hours straight.

On Monday, Warriors for Christ appeared to attempt to clear the air via a “public service announcement” chock full of grammatical errors. The post read, “Public service annoucement. Despite all the lies and false accusations here we are not being hateful to any person. We also will not back down from proclaimimg truth of God’s word. Sin is sin period. Sin results in eternal seperation from God. Despite your lack of understanding of love, we here love everyone enough to speak the truth even in the face of so much hate. So we speak the truth that sin leads to death, but we have a savior that can set one free from sin and give them a new life in Christ.”

Satan’s Puppets

The page admins have been doing their best to ignore the onslaught of rainbow emojis, but it is becoming painfully clear that they may be regretting the fight they just picked with the Internet. Apparently, the page admins are convinced that anybody posting rainbow related material are Satan’s puppets.

Who said we are frustrated. We love it when Satan shows his true colors through all of his little puppets. It really just proves our point…sin is real and you people are in need of Jesus Christ.

The Rainbow Belongs To God

On Monday night, the admins decided to throw some fuel on the fire by posting a meme that read “THE RAINBOW BELONGS TO GOD.” The meme also had a different Bible verse for every color of the rainbow.

For the past seven hours or so, Warriors for Christ has frequently been posting memes with the hashtag “#repent.” Unfortunately for the admins of the page, the rainbows don’t appear to be slowing down as of their last post an hour ago.

The rainbow flag is not immediately available for all users, but there is a simple way to unlock it for your account. By liking the [email protected] page¬†you will have immediate access to the rainbow flag, along with the standard emojis. Now you can unlock the emoji and join in the holiest of all troll crusades by leaving your own rainbow emoji on the Warriors for Christ Facebook page.



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