Body camera footage of FL Waffle House

Waffle House Is Under Fire For The Third Time This Year

Waffle House is under scrutiny for the third time this year after a viral Facebook video

  • Body camera footage shows that Fort Walton Beach Police handcuffed a black couple due to a dispute with the staff over their bill.
  • The couple were charged a higher price for a drink than what was advertised.
  • Instead of allowing the customers to call corporate, the employees called the police

A video was posted today on Facebook by Rahiem Shabazz of a police interaction at a Waffle House in Fort Walton Beach, Florida where a couple attempted to place a to-go order.

The video starts out with the couple walking outside with their hands up as the police hold open the doors.

Ten seconds into the video the lady behind the camera states that they will wait outside until the officers finish talking to the employees.

Twenty three seconds into the video the officer holding the door advised the customers that they need to pay their bill.

With his hands still up in the air, one of the officers can be heard stating that the couple will be handcuffed if they do not calm down.

Forty seconds into the video the couple attempts to tell the officers that they want to pay their bill but wanted the bill broken down and explained but the officers kept cutting them off demanding for them to either pay the bill or they were going to be arrested for theft.

At this point, the food was still inside waffle house uneaten and untouched.

“Hey watch this,” one of the officers states as he walks back in and asks the employees, “if they don’t pay their bill do, do you want to press charges?”

Once more the couple tells the officers they are willing to pay the bill if its explained.

A minute and thirty seconds into the video the man tries to talk calmly to the officer stating that he asked the employee why his bill was so high.

Once again the officer cuts him off telling him he is going to jail for theft and pulls out his taser telling him to turn around.

Two minutes into the video the man is cuffed and ends with him in the squad car and her getting cuffed.

As the video started going viral, activist Shaun King found out about the video and re-uploaded it to his Facebook demanding for a boycott of Waffle House.

“Listen to me. Don’t you dare step foot into another Waffle House ever again. Do you hear me? They do not value you. They are fundamentally racist in their practices” … “The man being arrested here refused to pay for a $1.50 overcharge on an orange juice that was listed as $1.00 on the menu. That’s all,” King writes. “When they refused to change the charge he demanded to talk to customer service.”

In light of the video going viral Fort Walton Beach Police released body camera footage of the incident.

“Yes sir,” the employee in charge responds almost 10 minutes into the video when the officer asks if he wants to press charges.

The officers gave the couple a chance not to go to jail if they would pay for their bill. The couple agreed to pay.

The woman returned to the Waffle House location later and received a full refund according to Business Insider.

This is the third case of police incidents at Waffle House this year. Back in April, officers in Alabama exposed a woman’s breasts while trying to force her out of Waffle House. In May a North Carolina cop choked a man at a Waffle House



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