Viral Video Of Joseph Ingram Abusing Child Raises Anger And Questions Over Bring Jax Home

A viral video showing Joseph Ingram abusing a child named Jax has raised anger and questions over “Bring Jax Home”

  • Storee Johnson posted the video of her son being abused by Ingram to her Facebook account

  • Johnson received the video from Ingram over a year ago

  • Omaha police have stated that Jax has been checked out and is happy and healthy

  • Court documents show Johnson gave up her rights to another child before Jax

  • Accounts on two escort sites show one of many issues in Johnson’s past

  • Many have questioned a Go Fund Me campaign that was started by Johnson’s sister-in-law Breezi Maciel

UPDATE: TDH has received paperwork showing that the July 25, court date has been changed from a “Motion to Withdraw” to a “Show Cause Hearing.” At the time of article the court had not yet updated.

A viral video showing an 8-year-old boy named Jax strapped into a high chair and being berated by Joseph Ingram has caused the Omaha Police Department to be flooded with phone calls along with outrage and confusion online.

The video shows Jax strapped in a high chair crying as Ingram says “You’re on video. Hey Storee, your sons a little crying bitch baby and he needs to eat his food.” Jax can be heard saying “Mom,” followed by Ingram responding “Eat it! He’s in a high chair.” The video ends with Jax’s plea of “Mom” three times. The video can be seen below, but may not be suitable for all viewers.


Storee Johnson

The video was posted to Facebook days ago by Jax’s mother, Storee Johnson, along with two messages from Ingram. In the screenshots Johnson says, “Wtf are you doing? Its past his bedtime he is tired. Bedtime is 730 he falls out if he doesn’t go down.”

Ingram responds, “He wouldn’t eat his dinner.” Johnson responds, “Maybe try a different approach????” Ingram responds, “I he’s in bed not after he ate his plate that I scooped off the floor.”

In the next screenshot, Ingram says, “I don’t put up with shit like that. He ate the nastiest mix of sauce, anchovies, onion powder, chips while strapped to a high chair.” Johnson responds, “Well that was a bit much what were you trying to give him? Just have me call him.” Ingram responds, “He’s in bed sleeping. And oh yeah I cracked an egg on his dome. That I thought was funny.”

Joseph Ingram

Many were concerned that Jax was in a dangerous situation but did not realize the video and messages were sent a year before Johnson’s post. While Jax is no longer in the home with Ingram, he has posted on social media that he is only two blocks away. Many have questioned why Johnson would have waited a full year before doing anything with the video.

Omaha Police Department

The post went viral and quickly received millions of views. The Omaha Police Department received an overwhelming amount of phone calls in regards to the video and posted a response to their Facebook page.


The story of how Jax ended up in this situation is confusing, to say the least. Johnson claims that she had sent Jax to stay with Ingram’s family temporarily. During that time it is said that her signature was forged and used to put Jax in the permanent custody of Cindy and Ronald Kwiatkowski, Ingram’s parents.

Johnson claims she had no warning of what Kwiatkowski was up to, yet conversations through Facebook messenger show that she was alerted of the April court proceedings in February.

Johnson’s First Son

Court documents obtained by The Daily Haze show that Jax was not the first child that Johnson had. In 2008, Johnson signed away her rights to her first son, and the child’s father, Geoffrey Maciel, had his rights terminated.

The oldest son was said to have been adopted by former neighbors of Johnson who went to her church.


Neglecting Jax

According to court documents, Johnson was also charged with neglecting Jax by the Sarpy County Prosecutor on May 14, 2013. Johnson was ordered to drug treatment, and the case was terminated on November 3, 2014.


Escort Exam

Another controversial aspect of Johnson’s life is her time as an escort likely while Jax was in her custody. Johnson was an escort in Omaha, Nebraska under the name “Stormy.” A review of her services on shows a clear shot of her unique tattoo on her chest that can be compared to pictures from her Facebook.

A look at shows that Johnson had offered her services through that escort website for the last two years, with her last post being one year ago, and reading “Only in town today till 2 for incall. Come see me, I’d love to meet you!!! donation 200h and 150hh text only please.”

The Adrian Foundation

Aside from a questionable past involving drugs, prostitution, and abuse from all parties involved, since Johnson’s post went viral, there have been reasons to question other aspects of the current situation.

Johnson’s sister-in-law Breezi Maciel created a Go Fund Me campaign titled, “Get Jax back Home.” Originally the campaign claimed that they were working with the Adrian Foundation, stating that “Anything gotten above attorney fees and fees to transport Jax home, will be donated to the Adrian Foundation.”

The Adrian Foundation is in the process of being set up following the horrific death of 7-year-old Adrian Jones in Kansas who was tortured for months before being murdered and fed to pigs. Child Protective Services neglected to intervene in the situation despite multiple reports of abuse.

The Daily Haze spoke to Adrian’s grandmother Judy Conway who told us that she had never given permission for the Adrian Foundation to be used for Jax’s situation, mainly because the foundation is not even set-up yet.

Free Jax and Bring Him Home

When questioned about the Adrian Foundation’s involvement with Bring Jax Home, Maciel told The Daily Haze that someone from the foundation reached out to them, which seems unlikely since the foundation is not up and running.

When staff members from The Daily Haze inquired about the use of the Adrian Foundation in the “Free Jax and Bring Him Home” group on Facebook she was promptly deleted from the group. It should be noted that several of The Daily Haze’s staff have been blocked from the Facebook group along with anybody that seems to question or say anything negative about the situation.

It should also be noted that after questioning Maciel and Johnson about the intent of the Go Fund Me and the use of the Adrian Foundation, the campaign was edited to read as follows.

****Attention some people who are radical “journalists” are stating this is a scam*** My sister needs help raising funds to get my nephew Jax back home to her from the State of Nebraska to the State of California. Back Story:

Motion To Withdraw

On Tuesday, it was claimed that there was a “huge win.” A post from Brian Cusic claims that a judge called and there is now a court date for July 25 due to all the support received online. However, court documents show that a Motion to Withdraw was already scheduled for July 25, in which Johnson is named. The court case on July 25 was scheduled to happen before any of the attention from Johnson’s post going viral.


The story is very hard to follow and has many reasons to be questioned. While Ingram is forced to undergo death threats via social media for a video taken a year ago, Johnson is not clear with her past of child abandonment, neglect, drug use, and prostitution. To make things even more confusing, Johnson’s brother states in a screenshot that Ingram was on Jax’s birth certificate, despite him not being the biological father.

It is unclear that Johnson’s name was forged since it is evident she was informed of the April court date two months prior. If that is the scenario, she does deserve to get her child back, but with her past, we can only hope that she would have to show that her lifestyle has drastically changed from what it was years ago.




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