Mother That Posted Viral Child Abuse Picture In Shelby County DHR Custody Placed Under Gag Order

Lori Hubert posted pictures last week of bruises on her child that allegedly occurred in the custody of Shelby County Alabama at the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home

  • A source close to the family says Hubert has been placed under a gag order and is no longer allowed to speak to The Daily Haze and other media outlets

  • This gag order comes after pictures of abuse posted to her Facebook went viral

  • In 2016 Shelby County Guardian ad litem attempted to sue TDH after reporting on a wrongful removal involving the Shelby County DHR and a 14-year-old rape victim’s baby

Just last week TDH did a story on a viral Facebook post that showed pictures of a child being abused in foster care at Alabama Baptist Children’s Home. Ruby was placed there by the Shelby County, Alabama Department of Human Resouces.

Lori Hubert’s post was shared thousands of times and caught international attention. It apparently also caught the eye of the Shelby County DHR, and they did not like what they saw.

From a source close to the situation, TDH was told that Hubert is now under a gag order. Her viral post had to be removed, and she is no longer allowed to speak with anyone from The Daily Haze. TDH has reached out to both DHR, and the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home but neither have returned calls for comment.

Bullshit Lawsuit

Keeping silence is nothing new for Shelby County when questions are raised about DHR. On June 24, 2016, a Shelby County Guardian ad litem put together a bullshit lawsuit against The Daily Haze, Meko Haze, Juda Myers, Health Impact News, Terri LaPoint, and a whole list of “Fictitious Defendants.” The lawsuit also included family members that had spoke out on social media.

Lawsuit against Daily Haze from the Alabama DHR by The Daily Haze on Scribd

Lawsuit against Daily Haze from Alabama DHR pt 2 by The Daily Haze on Scribd

The lawsuit came after reporting on a story of a 14-year-old rape victim had her baby wrongfully taken just days after birth. The next day, DHR came and removed the 14-year-old mother and her twin brother from the grandparent’s house that was cleared by their agency just a week before the removal.

DHR approves grandparents home of 14 year old Alabama girl by The Daily Haze on Scribd

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Several pictures have gone viral after being uploaded to Facebook on Thursday. The pictures show an abused child and claim the abuse is occurring while in foster care in Alabama Baptist Children’s Home.

Shelby County DHR

On March 23, 2016, Lori Hubert got into a fight with her mother. The fight ended with Hubert going to jail, and Hubert’s daughter Ruby going into the custody of Shelby County Department of Human Resources.

After completing all of DHR’s requests, Hubert had custody of Ruby back and was under thirty days away from having her case closed. The situation changed when Hubert was having car issues and could not take Ruby to her approved daycare. Due to a promotion at her job, Hubert could not afford to miss work and instead asked a male employee to watch her daughter. A neighbor reported her to DHR and Ruby was back in the state’s care.

Abuse Inside Alabama Baptist Children’s Home

It was in October that Hubert first noticed signs of abuse on Ruby. Hubert tried to file a report with DHR but claims that nothing ever happened. In fact, Hubert says the report does not even exist, even though Shelby County DHR claimed they would conduct an internal investigation.

On Thursday Hubert had enough and reported the abuse to the Columbiana Police Department. Hubert claims that when the responding officer tried to receive information from DHR supervisor Tessa Terrell-Miles that she refused to give any information.

Below is Hubert’s post to Facebook and the pictures of Ruby with marks on her either from abuse, neglect or both. The following material is graphic and may not be suitable for all audiences.


Hubert told TDH that she met with DHR today after her post went viral and was told that Ruby will be moved, but not until next week. Hubert is determined to get her daughter back, despite Shelby County’s plans to terminate her rights. TDH reached out to both the Shelby County DHR and the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home but were not able to receive a response at this time.

Shelby County

Last year, Shelby County DHR found themselves under nationwide scrutiny after they wrongfully removed a 14-year-old rape victim’s baby from the hospital just days after birth. The following day they removed the 14-year-old mother and twin brother from their grandparent’s home, even though paperwork showed DHR had approved to have the children live in their home just a week prior.



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