Video Shows Jasmine Eiland Raped In Opera Atlanta On Facebook LIVE

  • A Facebook LIVE video from Eiland caught the moment she claims to have been raped inside the Atlanta Opera
  • Eiland said she was not allowed to delete the videos due to an investigation
  • In another Facebook LIVE Eiland says they found her attacker

In the middle of what appears to be a busy nightclub, Jasmine Eiland captured the horrifying moment she was raped on her Facebook LIVE. Her story is one that shows just how quickly a rape can occur. Unfortunately, some of the responses show give a closer look at victim blaming and rape apologists in America.

On January 19, Eiland went live on Facebook several times from Opera Atlanta, according to EDM. In her first video, she is seen drinking a drink off to the side of the dance floor. Eiland greets several people and is heard saying, “I don’t smoke. I don’t even drink, but I’m having a drink.” A little later in the video Eiland says “I’m getting drunk as fuck!” Overall, the 28-minute video looks like a pretty typical start to the night at any nightclub in America.

In a second Facebook LIVE a little later, Eiland is seen on the dance floor. Eiland is singing and dancing and beginning to enjoy her night. She has no drink in hand and appears, for the most part, to be coherent throughout the 16-minute video. About six minutes into this video we first see Eiland’s attacker — whose identity has yet to be confirmed — taking interest in her. He eventually makes his way to her and the two begin talking.

Her attacker asks who she is at the club with, and she tells her she is by herself. She goes on to tell the man it is her birthday. The man is seen getting something out of her hair then encouraging Eiland to “have another,” referring to another drink. Eiland cuts the conversation shortly after and begins singing along with a song while dancing with the man. Towards the end of the video, the man is heard asking what she wanted to drink, to which Eiland responds, “vodka and something sweet.” The man walks out of view of the video and Eiland continues to dance by herself for the last two minutes.

In a third Facebook LIVE, the man is back in the video and Eiland has a drink in her hand. The two appear to be talking on the side of the dance floor then begin dancing again. They appear to be having a decent time. The man stays behind Eiland, grinding on her whenever possible. At the end of the video, Eiland says to Facebook LIVE, “I gotta go y’all. This drink fucking me up!” The drink the man got her appears to be not even half gone.

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Shortly later, Eiland goes live to Facebook once again. She appears to still be drinking the same drink. The man is still hovering close by. In this video Eiland seems much more intoxicated than any of the previous videos. Even her ability to do her Facebook LIVE seems severely impaired. As Eiland begins looking more and more impaired, the man behind her continues to get closer and closer, at times appearing to kiss on her neck. Around the 9-minute mark, we can see Eiland still has around half a drink left.

While it is said Facebook deleted the original video at some point on Monday, social media users have been sharing screen captures of the video calling for “Justice for Jasmine.” In the video, Eiland is seen looking up with her mouth open. She lets out a scream that is practically unheard due to the music at the club. The man is seen over her shoulder. Eiland appears to possibly be bent over as she lets out another scream then says “help me.”

The video continues and Eiland is heard saying “help me” over and over. She then begins screaming again and saying “Please stop!” Eiland is heard saying and screaming stop multiple times.

As Eiland’s story went viral, sadly with little surprise, people began trying to find a way to blame her, covering all the basic arguments that most rape apologists bring up. These arguments include Eiland being intoxicated and making poor choices, she shouldn’t have been dressed how she was and her behavior had her asking for it. Some have used a video of Eiland dancing wildly by herself as a means of justifying her attack.

The reality of the situation is anything she had done before the point of saying “no” or “stop” does not matter. Once a person in a situation like this tells their partner to stop for whatever reason, if their partner does not stop it becomes one of two things according to the law. Either rape or sexual assault. Regardless of how many drinks she has had, or how promiscuous she was acting, or even if she was in the middle of consensual sex. When someone says no or stop everything is supposed to come to a screeching halt.

Some have speculated that Eiland was drugged, which is a very likely possibility. The effects of common date rape drugs can come on the victim very quickly. Eiland being drugged would explain her saying the drink the man gave her was getting her more “fucked up” than her previous drink or drinks. Eiland also appears to be coming in and out of her incoherence, another warning sign that she was possibly given something besides alcohol.

On Monday morning, Eiland did another Facebook LIVE from her car. In the video, she says she is not going to address any of the negative statements. She then clears up speculation that a man she took a picture with earlier in the day is not the same guy. Eiland said she was not able to take the videos down due to possibly hindering the investigation. Eiland ends the video by saying she is going to be alright and gives thanks to those supporting her on social media.



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