Concerns surround social media video of a high school girl having sex with a dog in La Porte, Indiana

A video posted to social media of a high school girl having sex with a dog is raising concerns in La Porte, Indiana

  • The video was posted on social media sites where it quickly went viral

  • Law enforcement in the area have said it is the worst case of sex extortion they have ever seen

  • Rumors have spread that the dog ‘Sheldon’ was going to be put down

Rumors and concerns are surrounding a sex scandal in La Porte, Indiana involving a high school student and the release of a very explicit sex tape on social media.

The video was reported to have been released on Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. Local law enforcement officials are calling it the worst case of sex extortion they have ever seen.

The video has been removed from Facebook by request of law enforcement, but not before the damage was already done. The video reportedly shows a young female student having sex with a dog.

Police have been very secretive over the contents of the video, which has helped rumors spread online; one being that the dog, ‘Sheldon,’ was going to be put down.

Tabitha Sims started a petition on titled “Save Sheldon we need to save him from being put down.” The description for the petition reads as follows.

As a lot of you know a video was released yesterday including a dog and girl…the dog is now possibly going to be put down for actions that were not his own. This dog did nothing to harm anyone or anything, was simply used by a human being and did not even know what was happening. This poor baby needs help and fast. A fun family loving dog should not be put down because the family can’t handle their own issues. There is no legitimate reason for this dog to die. Please sign this and help us save him. #SaveSheldon



Since the petition was created, the newest update claims that “the dog will not be put down.” It goes on to say, “Let’s hope that is the honest truth.”

Buried in the comments a woman named Vanessa Pulley spoke out against Sims petition, saying that it was not her “place to start a petition for something that you have no idea about.”

Do you really believe that the dog would be put down? I know the family personally and that dog is the most pampered dog that I know. Do you have a dog? Do you know when your dog was born? Well the girl that allegedly had “sex with her dog” does know when her dog was born, she baked him a birthday cake for his 5th birthday that was February 4th. Tabitha it is not your place to start a petition for something that you have no idea about. That girl was forced by her ex-boyfriend. He abused her, and made her do things that she isn’t proud of. At least she wore underwear to trick her ex into thinking she did have sex with her dog. This girl is loved by her friends and family. I am actually proud that she is being so strong. If this happened to you would you be?

According to the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, La Porte High School officials were prompted to do a “robo call” to inform parents of the investigation into the video. Students were warned that if they were in possession of it, or helped to spread it further, they could be found “guilty of possession and/or dissemination of child pornography.”

La Porte County Prosecuting Attorney John Espar has used the situation to enable the areas newly formed Internet Crimes Against Children Unit. Espar also alerted the Indiana ICAC Task Force in Indianapolis and counterparts at the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the existence of the video.



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