Video Shows Diseased Pigs Being Burned Then Buried Alive In China

A viral video from China shows diseased pigs being burned and buried alive in a pit

  • Man Moliu posted the video to his Facebook on December 26

  • As of November 2018 China was battling an outbreak of African swine flu

  • It is not clear who is responsible for the original video

A disturbing viral video shows a group of several dozen pigs gathered in a deep pit squealing before being burned and buried alive.

Man Moliu uploaded the video to his Facebook December 26. The original post is in Chinese, but a loose translation calls for those killing the diseased pigs need to find a more humane way of doing so. The video has currently been viewed over 1.2 million times.


It’s just understandable because of the plague.
But can use a more humane method?
Jiàn wēi zhī zhe, the country has been despised by the vast majority of the world for a reason. 😡😡

In the video, an excavator is used to knock something on fire into the pit. The pigs appear to be covered in an accelerant as flames quickly cover the helpless animals that begin to scream in agony. The flames go out as the excavator begins burying the animals alive.

WARNING! The following video contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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The video comes from China, where the country is trying to battle against an outbreak of African swine flu. China’s Agriculture Ministry confirmed the outbreak in Hubei Province in November of last year.

The disease causes the pigs to suffer from fevers and bleeding before they eventually die in about a week. Experts believe the disease is spreading through pig feed, which is mainly made up of waste from kitchens. China has placed a ban against feeding pigs leftovers.

In November, over 34,000 pigs had been killed in an attempt to contain the disease. Pig carcasses littered roadways as poor farmers had no way of disposing of the bodies. With such a high number of slaughter, it should be no surprise some are killing these pigs in less than humane ways.



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