Video Shows McDonald’s Employees Zip-Tie Employee In Front Of Wichita Store

Video was recorded at a Wichita, Kansas McDonald’s showing two employees with a girl bound with zip-ties

  • Craig Avery recorded the video to Facebook LIVE

  • The video shows a girl with her hands bound behind her back with a zip-tie

  • The two employees that zip-tied the girl claim she was also an employee at the McDonald’s

A bizarre video was taken outside of a McDonald’s in Wichita, Kansas showing two employees over a girl they had bound with a zip-tie in the grass in front of the store.

The video was recorded to Facebook LIVE by Craig Avery. Avery arrived at the McDonald’s located at 1645 S Webb Rd and found an employee leaning over a young woman with her hands zip-tied behind her back.

As Avery approached, the bound woman can be heard screaming “Let me go now!” The employee places her hand over the bound woman’s mouth as a second employee walks up and says, “Mommy please stop.” The first employee can be heard repeatedly asking, “Do you love me?” The second employee asks, “Do you want to live with us?”

Avery asks the employees if they called the police, which the employees claim they did. Avery jokingly asks if the girl overdosed on nuggets, at which point both employees begin telling him to go away.

Avery continued filming the bizarre scene, but shortly later the two employees begin telling him and others to go away once again. Avery refused to leave or stop recording.

When Avery points out, they have a girl zip-tied in the grass of a McDonald’s the two employees only reply, “Do you know why? Do you know who she is?” Avery responds, “How would I know who she is?”

The two employees never explain their reasoning for having the having the girl zip-tied, and later stand her up and walk her inside the McDonald’s, at which point the video ends. Before the video ended, one of the employees claims that the bound girl is an employee at the McDonald’s as well.

Avery told The Daily Haze that police arrived on the scene shortly after. Officers said they did not wish to view the video Avery had recorded and did not offer an explanation of the worrisome scene. At the time of this article, there was nobody available for comment from the Wichita Police Department.

The Daily Haze spoke to the manager of the McDonald’s but was refused a comment on the situation. At this time, McDonald’s corporate office has yet to respond to a request for comment.



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