Video Of A Man Shooting Into Traffic Resurfaces Online

Viral video of a man shooting at a semi six times goes viral

  • The video shows a man recording himself shooting at incoming traffic

  • Six shots are fired at the passing semi

  • The original video has over 260,000 views

This week a video resurfaced on Facebook of what appears as a man pulling a hand gun out while on the shoulder of the road while aiming it at incoming traffic before firing.

The video was originally posted in December of last year, by the Los Amos Del Camino Facebook page, but has been removed since. Before it was deleted, others made copies and reuploaded the video.

The Los Amos Del Camino Facebook page is a massive trucker page that received the video anonymously.

The semi-truck was passing through what appears as Mexico.

In the footage, 6 shots can be heard but only a few can be seen hitting the semi-truck.

So far there has been no known arrests.



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