Video of a fight between Katelyn Nichole Davis and her mother Tammy Rogers gives a glimpse into the 12-year-old’s daily life

Two videos of a fight between Katelyn and her mother give a glimpse into her daily life

  • Katelyn’s mother was known for using pills she claimed were for pain and neglecting her motherly duties

  • In her diary Katelyn claims that her stepfather physically and sexually assaulted her

  • Police are now investigating incidents that occurred before Katelyn’s death

It has been almost two weeks since 12-year-old Katelyn Nichole Davis hung herself during a livestream on Since the death, information on incidents┬áleading up to Katelyn’s suicide have been coming to light. Some may say that Katelyn is trying to get justice from her grave.

Throughout various areas of the Web, Katelyn documented her daily life. She spoke of her mother’s neglect and use of pills. A love affair with a foreign man claiming to be the creepypasta character ‘Ben Drowned.’ She also spoke about the physical and sexual abuse she says she received at the hands of her stepfather. In this article, we will take a brief look into the relationship between Katelyn and her mother.

Katelyn’s Claims

TDH spoke to a person close to Katelyn’s situation who informed us she does not believe Katelyn’s claims were false. Her mother, Tammy Michelle Rogers was known for using pills and neglecting her children. Katelyn’s stepfather was known to be abusive towards the young girl and her mother.

Due to the neglect from Rogers, Katelyn was normally forced to pick up the slack around the house. This included Katelyn taking care of her two younger siblings, even though she was still just a child.

Two videos have surfaced of a fight between Katelyn and Rogers. While you cannot see what is going on, the audio gives a good idea of what Katelyn went through on a daily basis.

The videos of the fight between Katelyn and Rogers shows us that not only was the young girl neglected by her mother; she was also at least verbally abused by her.

Another source told TDH that Katelyn told Rogers that her stepfather was abusing her. Rogers was said to dismiss the accusations and defend her husband.

It was shortly after her mother’s dismissal of such a heinous confession that Katelyn attempted to kill herself by eating a dangerous mix of her mother’s pills. The young girl was institutionalized for a short time after the incident.

Katelyn’s Mother had a Go Fund Me for Her Bills

Rogers started a Go Fund Me just five days before Katelyn hung herself. The Go Fund Me has recently been deleted, but signs of it remain in Google search. Rogers recently deleted her Facebook account as well.

Screenshot (5)

The campaign was titled “Single mom of 3 down on my luck.” It was to raise money for her normal bills and to fix a leak that was occurring from her pipes. Most likely the same leak that Katelyn claimed kept her floor constantly wet.

Polk County Police Investigation

Since finding out about Katelyn’s death, many have asked why nobody stopped her? There is no telling how many people were watching her livestream at the time of her suicide, and even if there were, there is no way for them to know where exactly she was.

Polk County Police are now investigating the incidents before Katelyn’s death to verify Katelyn’s claims against her stepfather. Police are saying little about the situation and no charges have been filed at this time.



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