Video From Feo Mas Shows Campbell Cop Holding Passengers At Gunpoint After Traffic Stop Over “Safety Concerns”

A viral video uploaded by Facebook user Feo Mas shows a Campbell officer hold a couple at gunpoint for nine-minutes during a simple traffic stop

  • The stop was said to have occurred over “safety concerns” on July 26 in Hollister, California

  • The unidentified officer holds his gun on the couple for the entire duration of the video

  • Campbell Police Captain Gary Berg has stated that the officer acted within in his training

  • Berg also stated the video did not show the beginning or the ending of the stop

A viral video shows an officer holding a male and a female at gunpoint for nine minutes during a simple traffic stop based off “safety concerns.”

On July 29, Feo Mas posted a video of the terrifying traffic stop to his Facebook. The video has been viewed almost 800,000 times and has drawn quite a bit of ridicule against the Campbell officer seen in the video.

In the post, Mas states that the traffic stop occurred on Highway 101 south of Bailey Avenue in Hollister on July 26. In the video Mas can be heard claiming the two were on their way to work.

Keep Your Hands Where I Can See Them

The video begins with the unidentified officer already holding the two at gunpoint and Mas saying, “a gun on me for no fucking reason right now.” In the video Mas’ arms can be seen shaking as the officer holds the gun on him for the entire nine-minute video.

Mas asks the officer repeatedly to stop pointing the gun at him, a request the officer repeatedly denies. The officer tells Mas too keep his hands where he can see them as he keeps his gun pointed at the nervous man while waiting for backup to arrive.

The video ends with the officer still holding the two at gunpoint, Sirens can be heard in the background, which we can only assume was backup finally arriving on the scene.

Captain Gary Berg

The video does not show the beginning of the traffic stop, or how it ended. Campbell Police Captain Gary Berg released a statement on Monday, reported The Mercury News.

We are in a position to provide the context because we have reviewed the officer’s body-worn camera, which recorded the encounter in its entirety.

According to Berg, the officer was “traveling northbound on Highway 101 south of Bailey Avenue in Hollister.” A vehicle reportedly passed him going 85 mph. The officer stopped the vehicle for “safety concerns.” In California, officers are allowed to enforce vehicle codes despite jurisdiction.

For roughly five minutes before Galan began recording, it is reported that the officer and the occupants of the vehicle had a “cordial conversation.” During the conversation, the officer asked Galan for her driver’s license and additional paperwork.

The driver and passenger were said to have spent several minutes looking for the paperwork. The officer instructed the two to stay inside the vehicle as he prepared to walk back to his motorcycle. It was at that time Mas allegedly began looking under his seat according to Berg.

Unfortunately, the passenger’s unexpected movement toward the bottom of the seat caused the officer to perceive a threat and draw his handgun.

Acting Within His Training

Many of the comments on the video are criticizing not only the officer’s decision to pull his gun on the couple, but also the long wait for backup to arrive on the scene.

Berg claims the officer acted within his training, which Berg says is “intended to protect our officers as well as those they come in contact with.” Berg also said that backup officers were forced to fight their way through traffic to arrive at the scene, adding if a backup officer was closer the situation “would most likely have been resolved much sooner.”

Berg also states that the video does not show the ending of the stop, where the officer explains his actions and the “passenger indicated he understood why it happened and actually apologized to the officer.”

With police shootings growing at an alarming rate around the country, many still disagree with the officer’s actions. A lack of transparency and accountability involved in police shootings have many questioning the training these officers go through. Berg stated , “Our officers receive a tremendous amount of training on a consistent basis and that training is what dictates our response.”



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