Video Does Not Show Dimitrios Pagourtzis On Instagram Before Santa Fe Shooting

A black and white video on Twitter claims to show Dimitrios Pagourtzis on Instagram before Friday’s deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas

  • Pagourtiz opened fire in an art room in the school killing 10 and wounding 13

  • According to the LA Times Pagourtiz’s first victim may have been a girl he made advances towards over the last few months

  • A viral video on Twitter claims to show Pagourtiz in black and white and speaking in a derogatory manner about the shooting

In the days following the fatal shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas, people around the country are curious to find out who the shooter, 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis was before he committed this heinous crime.

In total, the shooting left 10 people dead and 13 injured. Pagourtzis reportedly shouted “Surprise” before opening fire in an art room at the high school.

According to the LA Times, Shana Fisher’s mother, Sadie Rodriguez claimed her daughter had “had 4 months of problems from this boy.” Rodriguez reportedly reached out to the LA Times via Facebook private messenger. According to Rodriguez, Pagourtzis “kept making advances on her and she repeatedly told him no.”

After Pagourtzis continued to become more aggressive with his advances towards Fisher, the young girl stood up to him and embarrassed him in class. “A week later he opens fire on everyone he didn’t like,” Rodriguez wrote. Rodriguez also stated that Fisher was his first victim, but did not state how she knew that.

Two teachers were killed in the attack, Glenda Perkins, and Cynthia Tisdale, along with Shana Fisher and seven of her classmates: Kimberly Vaughan, Angelique Ramirez, Christian Riley Garcia, Jared Black, Christopher Jake Stone, Aaron Kyle McLeod and Sabika Sheikh. Sheika was reported to be an exchange student from Pakistan.

Pagourtzis allegedly brought two pipe bombs with him to the school that was to act as “intended to be IEDs,” improvised explosive devices. It was determined that both devices were found to be “nonfunctional,”¬†Galveston County Judge Mark Henry¬†said on Saturday.

Following the shooting, Pagourtzis was reportedly injured, but taken into custody alive. Pagourtzis is charged with capital murder and aggravated assault on a public servant. Pagourtiz was denied bond on both charges. An 18-year-old male was also detained.

In a search for answers, many have turned to social media for answers. Pagourtiz’s Facebook and Instagram accounts have both been deleted, but screenshots of both accounts remain online.

From Pagourtiz’s Facebook, on April 30 he posted an image of a custom black t-shirt with the words, “Born to Kill.” Pagourtiz was said to have possibly been wearing the shirt during the shooting according to reports from witnesses.

On the same day, Pagourtiz posted a picture of a duster jacket with several medals. Inthe caption Pagourtiz explained what each medal meant.

As people attempt to search Pagourtiz’s now nonexistent social, trolls are beginning to fill the void. It was said that Pagourtiz had a YouTube channel, which appears to be gone and replaced by a fake account under the name “Comma Kazi.”

On Twitter, a video is making the rounds claiming to originate from Pagouritz’s now-deleted Instagram account, _dimitrios_pagouritz. The video was tweeted out by Twitter user @keeton_ryza with the caption, “Video from the shooter in the #santafehighschool shooting. This is from his Instagram page which was recently taken down. This is disturbing. @FoxNews @cnnbrk.”

The video has received over 50,000 views since it was tweeted out on Friday. In the video, a male with his face covered and says, “To everybody that died today, fuck all of you.” The video is in black and white and is 25 seconds long. However, the account does not seem to be the same account believed to belong to Pagouritz.

Screenshots from Pagouritz’s Instagram show a slight difference in the user handles. The account handle believed to be owned by Pagouritz is _dimitrios_pagouritz, while the handle in the video is _dimitriospagouritz. The profile pictures are also different. Pagouritz’s profile picture is of a wall with graffiti and windows, while the account in the video has a picture of Eric Harris, one of the Columbine shooters.

It would appear the video is one of many frauds emerging on social media in the days following the tragic shooting. Pagourtzis did post an image of a gun on his Instagram on April 24.



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