Video Shows Boulder Police Harassing A Black Man For Picking Up Trash On His Property

  • A video uploaded to Facebook on March 1 shows an officer with his gun drawn on a black man picking up trash in his yard
  • The officer has been placed on administrative leave and an investigation has been opened into the incident
  • City Council members questioned Boulder Police Chief Greg Testa on Tuesday

Even without looking, it seems like you can find a new video of police officers abusing their power on a daily basis. While a lot of these videos go under the radar, some are found disturbing enough that they gain viral attention. That is what happened recently in Boulder, Colorado after a black man picking up garbage in his front yard was confronted by officers.

The man named Zayd’s roommate Vanardo Merchant recorded the ordeal and posted it to his Facebook on March 1. Merchant uploaded the 16-minute video to his Facebook where it gained almost 90,000 views and caught the attention of city officials. In the video, Zayd is seen holding a bucket and a clamp used to pick up trash. The initial responding officer has his gun drawn and by the end of the video, eight officers are on the scene, including a supervisor. Zayd is heard repeatedly saying he lives at the residence. The officer is heard referring to the clamp as a “weapon.”

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According to a press release, a Boulder police officer witnessed Zayd in a partially enclosed patio area behind a “private property” sign at 8:30 am on Friday. The officer asked if Zayd was allowed to be there. Zayd told the officer he lived and worked at the building and presented his school identification card. Apparently that was not enough for the officer who felt he needed to continue his “investigation.”

The officer got on his radio and requested additional officers because Zayd was being uncooperative and unwilling to put down a blunt object. After officers arrived, they determined the blunt object was a device used to pick up trash and left the area. At a city council meeting, Police Chief Greg Testa referred to the incident as “an extremely concerning issue, and one that we are taking very seriously.” According to Testa, the responding officer did unholster his service weapon but had it pointed at the ground. Another officer was armed with a less-lethal shotgun.

The responding officer has been placed on administrative leave and an investigation into the incident is underway. Testa confirmed that Zayd did nothing wrong or unlawful. At a City Council meeting on Tuesday, council members questioned Testa about the investigation and what information would be available to the public. Councilwoman Lisa Morzel asked Testa to describe the policy that allows an officer to draw his weapon. Testa replied, when an officer perceives a threat that could result in bodily harm or death. Zayd was not presenting any threat.



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