Veteran “Chef Roni” Brings Her Emergency Kitchen To Texas

Veteran “Chef Roni” has decided to bring her emergency kitchen to Texas to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

  • Some may remember Chef Roni from a VeteransRespond team that went to Standing Rock

  • Chef Roni setup a Fundrazr that has so far brought in over $3,000 of her $3,500 goal

  • It is her hope that her emergency kitchen will be able to feed both first responders and those being rescued

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s destructive path through Texas, people have come together from around the country to lend their help in areas such as Houston as search and rescues, and clean up are underway.

One Texas native and military veteran, Roni Mathis who is better known as “Chef Roni,” has decided to put her skill set to good use. Chef Roni, who has deep emergency aid experience, is in the process of mobilizing an emergency kitchen to take to South-East Texas to offer meals for those helping in the area and those being rescued.

Chef Roni setup a FundRazr campaign to raise the money needed to take her emergency kitchen out of storage and haul it down to Texas. The campaign has so far brought in over $3,000 of her $3,500 goal.

One of the main reasons Chef Roni decided to pull her emergency kitchen out of storage is the countless number of people who are working hard every day and not receiving the food needed to keep going. Aside from first responders needing good meals, some of those being rescued have not eaten for hours, if not days.


In the campaign’s description, Chef Roni explains that the cost of the truck to get her kitchen to Texas is $1,500, then it will be another $800 for gas, which could increase as gas prices are hiking up all around the country. The description reads as follows.

My name is Chef Roni. I’m a native Texan and military veteran with deep emergency aid experience. I am mobilizing an emergency kitchen to take to SE Texas to help with feeding those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

I’ve worked with my fellow veterans on other humanitarian issues and have an emergency kitchen in storage up north that I desperately need to get to SE Texas. I have experience setting up and running emergency kitchens and feeding large amounts of people. I want to go where I am needed and take this equipment with me.

There are a lot of people working day and night doing search and rescue that aren’t getting fed regularly. In order to keep working, they need fuel. And there are many more people who are being rescued, some who haven’t eaten in hours or days. The rescued will need to be fed and comforted before being moved to a longer term shelter.

That’s my job – to feed anyone who needs to be fed to give them strength physically and to feed their soul.

I am a professional chef of 10 years in Dallas and Fort Worth and a certified Texas Food Safety Manager.

I wasn’t eager to start a fundraising page, but it is going to cost $1500 just to rent the truck for 7 days to get the kitchen to Texas. And I just don’t have this. I’m going on a wing and a prayer right now. I just know I’m needed and I must respond.

I will also require funds in order to stay mobile with the search and rescue teams that are likely to be working in this region for weeks. Gas was expected to be around $800 or so, but with the shortages happening, that amount will likely rise.

I will be attaching myself and my kitchen to the Cajun Navy rescue organization. They are expecting me on Monday.

Anything raised over what is needed to get the kitchen there and stay mobile will be used to purchase food items needed to continue to feed folks. Thank y’all!

Previously, Chef Roni was in Standing Rock with a VeteransRespond team that went to the Sacred Stone Camp. Below is a video showing Chef Roni in action during her time in Standing Rock. If you would like to make a donation to help Chef Roni feed those helping in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, you can do so by clicking here!

VeteransRespond Road To Standing Rock: Chef Roni from nathan m peracciny on Vimeo.



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