Veteran Chad Hampton Huntsinger Goes Viral After Road Rage Incident

Veteran Chad Hampton Huntsinger recently went viral after a road rage incident was uploaded to social media

  • The incident was filmed by Lyfe Engelhart outside of Colorado Springs

  • The video has been viewed over 1.7 million time on Facebook

  • Busted Newspaper claims Huntsinger has a criminal record involving assault on a woman in North Carolina

A road rage incident involving a Veteran outside of Colorado Springs has gone viral after it was uploaded to Facebook. The video was uploaded on June 11 and has been viewed over 1.7 million times.

Lyfe Engelhart uploaded the video to her Facebook and described how the scenario panned out. Engelhart claims her and her boyfriend, Brandon Vega had decided it was the “the perfect day to go hiking up off of Old Stage Road.”

Chad Hampton Huntsinger

On their way, they had a confrontation with Chad Hampton Huntsinger, a veteran who apparently is not able to handle the stress of driving through Colorado. Engelhart writes in her post that Huntsinger started “riding Brandon’s ass” along what is described as a narrow dirt road.

Once they parked, Engelhart begins recording, and we witness Huntsinger belligerently yelling at Vega as he slaps his hand into his hand. Huntsinger goes on to slap Vega four times, resulting in a bloodied nose, and a fat lip according to Engelhart. During the attack, Huntsinger can be heard calling Vega a “faggot,” “little bitch,” and the classic, “fuck you.”

The video begins after the incident started, so we cannot be sure what sparked the encounter, but Huntsinger yelling “Because you would not get out of my way with your little car,” gives us a good idea that the young couple is not fabricating the story.

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Huntsinger repeatedly yells that Vega tried to “ram” him off the road, despite him being behind Vega. At one point Engelhart mentions going to jail for assault, to which Huntsinger responds, “Who goes to jail for assaulting a grown man?” Sadly, Huntsinger seems truly bewildered at the idea of going to jail for assault. Crazy, right?

Busted Newspaper

Like many before him, as the video went viral, the hunt for Huntsinger began. Busted Newspaper reports that Hunsinger ran into some legal issues in North Carolina back in 2011-12.

On April 18, 2011, Huntsinger was arrested for assault on a female and assault by strangulation, and probation violation. On June 9, 2011, he was arrested for Interfering with emergency communications and another probation violation. On August 3, 2012, Huntsinger was arrested once again for assault on a female, then on September 14, 2012, for assaulting a government employee.




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