Veteran and activist Kash Jackson faces jail time for an irrational child support debt

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Veteran and activist Kash Jackson has been ordered to serve 30-days in jail

  • Jackson has toured the country standing up for the rights of fathers

  • Every month Jackson has $900 of $1,600 retirement check garnished

  • Even after spending 30-days in jail Jackson’s debt will continue to accumulate

America’s child services and family courts are a total mess, at best. In many circumstances, these services that were once meant to work for the people are now often manipulated to be a means of revenge for a scorned lover.

NAVY veteran and activist Kash Jackson already knows the ins and outs of the darker side of child custody battle. Jackson, who has toured the country in the name of father’s rights and stood with the Native Americans in Standing Rock, is now facing 30-days in jail for an all too common problem in our country. He cannot afford his outrageous child support payments.

Jackson has been through two divorces, for which he pays $500 a month in child support for his oldest son, not an outrageous amount. However, Jackson is ordered to pay a fluctuating amount of around $2,000 for his two younger children.

The reason why it fluctuates is that Jackson was told he had to reimburse his ex-wife, who Jackson said makes over $85,000 a year, for whatever childcare and extra-curricular activities she claims.

How’s a Guy Supposed to Live

Jackson lives primarily off of his retirement check of $1,600 a month, totaling just under $20,000 a year. Despite Jackson’s wife earning over four times what he makes, his monthly retirement check is garnished for $900 a month. Leaving Jackson with just $700 a month from his main source of income.

Lake County, Illinois, 19th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Joseph Salvi not only believes that Jackson should have to pay such an outrageous monthly child support but according to documents, he also believes that the veteran should be in jail for the inability to pay $6,707.42.

Jackson feels that this is a perfect example of how so many of our veterans, and our citizens, end up becoming homeless on the streets. In just a little over two weeks Jackson will be forced to serve one month in jail, but what happens when he gets out?

Stuck in the System

While most crimes have an expiration point for punishments after your time served, when it comes to child support, that is no longer the case. Once Jackson is done serving his thirty days in jail, his debt remains. Not only does it remain, but it will also continue to accumulate.

As that debt continues to accumulate, Jackson will face the possibility of being sent back to jail for not paying the growing debt. At this point, Jackson is now stuck in our government’s legal system.

It is shocking how fast people in Jackson’s position find themselves caught in a revolving door of growing debt and jail time all because they cannot afford the child support a judge has ordered.

What Do I Do

So what is someone in Jackson’s position supposed to do to avoid accumulating debt and possible jail time? That is probably the worst part of this problem, because there is not a lot you can do aside from getting a good lawyer and hoping for the best. Even then, if you are in a low-income situation, paying for a decent attorney is not going to be an easy task.

Our system is not setup to work for those in low-income situations, especially in regards to our family courts and child protection services. Until laws are passed to help create a more balanced system, people like Jackson are going to be stuck in these black holes of debt and jail.

Jackson’s situation is slightly different than the norm though, which is what should make it that much more of an eye opener. Not only is he a veteran, but he has also become a public figure throughout his travels around the country. While you would think that would count for something, clearly it does not. So if this is what is happening to Jackson, what do you think is happening to regular citizens around the country everyday?

How You Can Help Kash Jackson

So what can you do to help Jackson as he waits to serve his time? You can write character witness letters to Judge Salvi on behalf of Jackson and mail them to the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court 18 N County St, Waukegan, IL 60085. The more support he can receive, the better, to let Judge Salvi know that he does not stand alone.



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