Vermin Supreme Filed A Federal Injunction Against Kansas

Vermin Supreme has filed a federal injunction for relief against Kansas officials after being removed from the ballot for Attorney General

  • Supreme was removed from the ballot after his residency was questioned Jim Joice

  • The same day Supreme was removed the Kansas State Elections Board allowed Michael Capps to keep his candidacy despite filing an address under foreclosure

  • Supreme obtained a rental property in Kansas in order to run for Attorney General

Vermin Supreme is asking a federal court for injunctive relief against the Kansas State Elections Board, State Secretary Kris Kobach, Governor Jeff Coyler, Governor’s Chief Counsel Brant Laue, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, and Elections Director Bryan Caskey.

In June, Supreme registered to run for Kansas Attorney General against Schmidt in the Republican primaries. Just days later Kansas Republican Party Executive Director Jim Joice challenged Supreme’s residency.

Ironically enough, it did not take long for the State of Kansas to give Supreme the boot. No pun intended.

A fundraiser for Supreme’s legal costs on Funded Justice notes the lax requirements Kansas has to run for office—hence six teenagers running for governor—despite having some of the strictest requirements to vote thanks to Kobach.

The Kansas State Elections Board removed Supreme from the ballot due to his residency. According to the campaign, Supreme obtained a rental property in Kansas before filing to run, even though he is not required to be a resident.

The Civil Rights Complaint reads as follows:

At issue is Kansas’s election law statute Kansas Statute Annotated (K.S.A) 25-308(a), (c), and (e), as applied in the context of an electoral scheme which permits a small group of incumbent officials to arbitrarily decide who will appear on the ballot and run against them, and ignore a list of enumerated provisions set as “causes” for objection to certain candidates.

Plaintiff seeks a permanent injunction and declaratory relief prohibiting the Defendants from applying the statute to the extent it disqualifies certain candidates from appearing on the ballot, but allows the Defendant to place similarly situated candidates on the ballot at will. The Plaintiff also seeks an injunction requiring the Defendants to place the Plaintiff on the Republican primary ballot in time for the August 7, 2018 election. The Plaintiff should be awarded damages, costs, attorneys’ fees, and any other relief to which he is entitled as a victim of civil rights violations.

Vermin Supreme Civil Rights Complaint Against Kansas by The Daily Haze on Scribd

Vermin Supreme Memorandum in Support of TRO by The Daily Haze on Scribd

The campaign also points out the blatant hypocrisy that occurred within hours of Supreme being booted from the ballot. The same day that the Kansas State Elections Board ruled against Supreme’s residency they looked the other way for Republican candidate Michael Capps who claimed to live in a house that was under bankruptcy at the time of filing.

Capps claimed he was moving into the new property on May 5, going on to say he had every intent to live in the district. A statement of treasurer filed with the state filed on May 7—which was pointed out to the board of elections—showed that Capps had an address in another district where he had been residing.



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