Vermin Supreme Challenges Derek Scmidt In The Republican Primaries

Vermin Supreme is up against current Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt in the Republican primaries

  • Supreme was expected to run as a Democratic but filed instead as a Republican

  • During a rally Supreme vowed to use all his resources to find the murderer of Misty the miniature pony

  • Supreme offered to donate his salary to Lamonte McIntyre who received no compensation from Kansas after spending 23 years in prison for a wrongful conviction

On Friday, the state of Kansas got their first taste of ponynomics 101 as Vermin Supreme officially filed his paperwork and paid the fees to run for Attorney General.

Supreme was initially expected to run as a Democrat, but at the last minute surprised both parties by announcing he had decided to run against current Attorney General Derek Schmidt in the Republican primaries.

Shortly before Supreme filed his paperwork, Lawrence-based criminal attorney Sarah Swain was announced as the Democratic candidate for Attorney General.

There is a concern the powers that be will search for a reason to boot Supreme from the ballot. Supreme is acting as a realist and appreciates that he may not stand a chance to beat Schmidt in the primaries but that is not going to stop him from trying.

Knowing his chances of winning the Republican primary are slim to none, Supreme openly admits that he would not have spent his own money on the $1,660 filing fee. The money was raised by people who wanted to see Supreme run in the election. Being a man that has spent countless years serving the people, how could he possibly say no?

So is there a chance Supreme could surprise everyone, including himself, and possibly become the next Kansas Attorney General? Most likely not, but a small ray of hope could exist inside a few subculture communities. Namely the cannabis community.

Schmidt On Cannabis

It is no secret that residents of the State of Kansas are ready to follow the rest of the country and move forward with medical and possibly even recreational cannabis. The cannabis issue is one that Schmidt has clearly shown he opposes.

In January, Schmidt made national attention after he wrote an opinion letter that stated cannabidiol (CBD) is, in fact, illegal despite the lack of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The letter caused countless stores across the state to temporarily remove CBD products from their shelves, some by request of local law enforcement.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt CBD Opinion by The Daily Haze on Scribd

In October 2016, Schmidt proved many of his concerns with cannabis were unfounded in his failed “Colorado Marijuana Report.” Early in 2016, Schmidt claimed that “numerous and persistent anecdotal accounts of marijuana acquired in Colorado and illegally transported into Kansas causing harm here.”

These anecdotal reports were enough for Schmidt to launch a statewide survey to show the damage that had been done to Kansas since Colorado went legal on January 1, 2014.

According to the Colorado Marijuana Report, the Kansas Highway Patrol’s total amount of cannabis seizures dropped 27, from 243 in 2013 to 216 in 2015. The total marijuana weight confiscated dropped over 2,500 pounds, from 6,187 in 2013 to 3,769 in 2015.

The report showed that some areas are having problems with finding jurors for cannabis cases. Officers around the state admitted they no longer make arrests if they are dealing with a low-level cannabis situation. Judges appeared to be treating cannabis cases the same, except for some beginning to take a more lenient approach at sentencing. The survey showed even those on the side of the law in Kansas appear to be ready for a different approach.

Misty the miniature pony

Supreme is also fighting for two causes in Kansas that are near to his heart. In April, Misty the miniature horse was shot and killed at “A Little Hors’n Around Petting Zoo.” in Saline County.

The petting zoo is on Ronda and Randy Russell’s property near Assaria, Kansas. Misty was in the pasture located on the 4200 block of East K-4 Highway when she was shot. She was one of 14 horses in the pasture when the shooting occurred.

There is a $1,000 reward for information that would lead to an arrest. Currently there appears to be no possible suspects that law enforcement believes to be responsible for Misty’s death. That is something that Supreme promises to change if elected as Attorney General. Supreme vowed to use all of his resources as Attorney General to find Misty’s killer and bring them to justice.

Lamonte McIntyre

Supreme has also offered to donate his salary to Lamonte McIntyre. At the age of 17, McIntyre was wrongfully convicted of a double homicide that occurred in 1994. In October, at 41-years-old, McIntyre was released from prison and it was ruled he was innocent of the crime he spent over half his life in jail for. The State of Kansas managed to not pay one dime in compensation for stealing 23 years of McIntyre’s life.

The Kansas City Star pointed out how much McIntyre would be owed had this atrocity occurred in several other states.

If McIntyre, who went away at 17 and is now 41, had been wrongly convicted and released in Texas, he would have been eligible to receive $1.8 million — $80,000 by law for every year lost, not including a yearly compensation afterward. Colorado gives $70,000 for each year; Alabama $50,000.



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