Twitter’s Response To USA TODAY Chainsaw Bayonet Gun Modification

USA TODAY is getting burned on Twitter after a chainsaw bayonet was mentioned in a video about the First Baptist Church shooter’s weapon

  • The tweeted video showed the possible modifications the Ruger AR-556 can have

  • Twitter users began tweeting other ridiculous modifications of the weapon

  • USA TODAY later tweeted that the shooter did not have a chainsaw bayonet on his weapon

As media outlets continue to suck every last possible drop of attention out of the First Baptist Church shooting in Sutherland, Texas, USA TODAY decided to double-down on their Twitter.

USA TODAY tweeted out a 1:23 long video titled, “TEXAS CHURCH GUNMAN’S AR-15 STYLE RIFLE.” The video was meant to explain “what we know about the Ruger AR-556.”

First, the video teaches the different parts of the gun. Then it shows some of the possible modifications you can equip on the weapon. The first modification is a 100-round-drum magazine, followed by an under barrel 12-gauge shotgun, and a trigger crank.

So far the video seems logistical, and educational, until the last modification. The video made people take a double-take when they saw “chainsaw bayonet.”

The video goes on to show possible upgrades for the Ruger AR-556, but the majority of the audience was lost at chainsaw bayonet. Twitter users have begun responding with other possible modifications for the weapon.

The response to the video forced USA TODAY to send out a second tweet stating that the shooter was not armed with a chainsaw bayonet. That still has not stopped Twitter users from reminding how stupid it was for USA TODAY to warn people the dangers of a chainsaw bayonet in the wake of a mass shooting.



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