US News 365 Claims America Launched an “Air Attack” on North Korea

On Wednesday evening US News 365 began a Facebook LIVE video claiming to be footage of an American airstrike on North Korea

  • The footage is old and bears the LiveLeak logo on it

  • The Facebook LIVE video had over 80,000 views in just two hours

  • As of now America is not in the middle of an airstrike against North Korea

The battle against “fake news” is heating up due to many media outlets posting material with the only goal of generating revenue through people clicking on their links.

Social media has given new ways for this click bait to prosper, in this specific case through the Facebook LIVE feature. US News 365 has been using the live feature to push old videos they claim to be current with links to their articles in the caption.

On Wednesday evening, US News 365 posted a live video to their Facebook page claiming America was conducting an “Air Attack” on North Korea. In just two hours the livestream received over 80,000 views. Many recognized the video as a fake, but at the same time, many did not.

There are several ways to tell the video is a fake, aside from not one major news outlet talking about it. For starters, an airstrike against North Korea is not going to be broadcast on Facebook LIVE via a third-party media outlet nobody has ever heard of.

In the top left corner of the video, you can clearly see the LiveLeak logo. Meaning this video was already uploaded to LiveLeak previous to Wednesday’s livesteam. US News 365 most likely downloaded the video then used streaming software such as OBS to play it through their Facebook page and give the appearance it is live.

The article linked in the Facebook LIVE video is an article about North Korea celebrating their military’s anniversary with the “largest ever” live-fire artillery drills conducted by the country. It does not even talk about a current airstrike against Pyongyang. Instead, the article has a video embedded from Vocativ’s YouTube channel.

The article goes on to cover South Korea and America’s response to Pyongyang, which is actual information. This puts US News 365 in a strange category. On the one hand, they are releasing some factual information, but on the other, they are using fear mongering and blatant lies to attract people to their website.

As for now, America is not in the middle of an airstrike on North Korea and US News 365 is not streaming that attack.



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