Court filing shows US Army Corps will grant the needed easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline

US Army Corps of Engineers to grant easement to Dakota Access according to court filing

  • The filing was made in US District Court in Washington DC

  • The easement to tunnel under Lake Oahe was all that was needed to complete the pipeline

  • The Dakota Access Pipeline was supposed to be operating by November 2016 but now is set to start operation June 1

Tuesday became a day that many have been dreading when the US Army Corps of Engineers stated in a court filing that they would be granting the final easement needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The decision was filed in US District Court in Washington DC. In December, ACE had stated they would complete further environmental review of the project. Granting the easement will give the $3.8 billion pipeline permission to tunnel under Lake Oahe.

Talks Of Approval

After being in office for only days, President Donald Trump was an Executive Order to push through both the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Not long after Trump’s Executive Order, North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer released a statement claiming the Dakota Access Pipeline had been granted the easement. The same day Cramer released his comment, Senator John Hoeven stated that Acting Secretary of the Army Robert Speer said he had directed ACE to grant the easement.

Following word of the coming approval, Energy Transfer Partners stock went up as much as 0.8% after being down 1.5%. The Dakota Access Pipeline was originally supposed to be operational by November 2016. ETP now hopes to have the pipeline operating by June 1st.


The decision to push through the pipeline follows months of protests and arguments against Dakota Access. The stand against the Dakota Access brought together the largest recording gathering of Native tribes from around the world.

The Dakota Access Pipeline initially was routed to go through the Bismarck area but was rerouted due to concerns from the community about the pipeline. The pipeline was rerouted to go along the area of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Reservation.

During the stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline, the world had watched several times as water protectors were met with harsh and unconstitutional abuse from law enforcement from around the country that came to assist the Morton County Sheriff’s Department.

Democracy Now! was in the area when hired DAPL security attacked unarmed water protectors with pepper spray and dogs. Millions watched as Kevin Gilbertt livestreamed the use of tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper spray, and water hoses were used in freezing temperatures.

Over 600 arrests have been made in the area, with most people facing trumped up charges. Mass arrests hit numbers as high as 171 arrests made in a matter of hours. Most of those arrested face trumped up charges for minor offenses.

Those still at camp face opposition from law enforcement, government officials, and even the Standing Rock Sioux tribal council. Sacred Stone, located on LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard private property, is attempting to stay alive as the camp continues to stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline.



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