United States And Canada Want Their Own Yellow Vests Movement

Is United States and Canada Joining the Yellow Vests Protests that are Happening Across the World

  • Multiple posts on Facebook and Twitter are calling for America to join the Yellow Vest movement

  • Activists have chosen Jan. 1st as the day to protest as it was the same day the The Emancipation Proclamation was signed

  • So far there have been eleven countries to join the movement

In May of 2018, an online movement began to form called the Gilet Jaunes, which is translated into Yellow Vests, after an online petition was created due to frustrations with the French government. Six months later the movement hit the streets with over 300,000 people the first day.

It has been five weeks since the November 17 start date of street action and the amount of protesters in France have grown tremendously.

The reasoning behind the use of the vest being the symbol protesters are using are due to a law that was passed in 2008 that has required all French motorists to have high-visibility vests in their vehicles making them widely available, inexpensive, and symbolic.

The Yellow Vests in France have 49 different demands requiring their government to make certain changes.

After the street protests are over, the protesters log into their social media accounts to plan for the next day as well as share their stories of the day under the hashtags  and .

During the last five weeks, all three hashtags began trending with others around the world sharing the stories, pictures, and videos of that days actions in France.

With the amount of success the citizens of France are getting, other countries across Europe and even into Canada have decided to join the movement as well.

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So far Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Sweden, Belgium, and Canada have joined France in the Yellow Vest movement after seeing the success France’s government listening to citizens. So far those countries have seen hundreds to thousands of protesters.

Just like in France and many other countries, United States is using Facebook and Twitter to plan and spread word of their protests.

The majority of the future dates are for December 22nd in Canada and January 1st for the United States according to a Facebook search.

Currently, the top two results on Facebook is a group called “#YellowVest Movement America” and event called “YellowVest Movement American Action Yellow Vest Rising US”.

While investigating into the possibility of protests forming in the United States, The Daily Haze also noticed if you type in “Yellow Vest” and either your local major city or state there are events as well.

Yesterday, Massachusetts, New York, and California all started the first wave of protests according to @ColorMeRed on Twitter.

Images such as the one posted by @YellowVestedAnons are also being spread on Twitter in attempts to promote January actions.

Protest in NYC,Most have picked jan2 some elected jan1.Who is downWe all agreed Wall Street, Bryant Park, and…

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