U.K.’s Cassiobury Court is speaking about pot laws… and the U.S. needs to listen

One of the United Kingdom’s most prominent substance abuse treatment centers has published an infographic that America needs to see. After watching many U.S. states legalize cannabis over the last five years, U.K. based Cassiobury Court has decided to publish their inspiring graphical ‘cost-benefit’ analysis they performed regarding the legalization of cannabis in the United Kingdom.

Cassiobury Court closely studied the number of cannabis-related crimes committed in the U.K.. Then, they studied the cost of enforcing cannabis laws, and the financial benefit the U.K. Treasury could see from legalization. They also look at the various medical benefits offered by cannabis consumption.

Cassiobury Court seems to have remained impartial when offering this cost-benefit analysis (see below), and we’d invite you to make your own mind up regarding the legalization of cannabis in the United Kingdom, and possibly the U.S..

cannabis cost benefit analysis uk



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