Twitter User Claims To Write Fuck Trump With Poop And Goes Viral

A tweet went viral after a Twitter user claimed to write FUCK TRUMP with her poop

  • The image was tweeted out by @ClaraFeminist on May 25

  • The tweet currently has over 4,000 replies

  • The Twitter account was started the same day as the viral tweet

If there is one thing the Internet has taught, it is that this is a truly fascinating time to be alive! No matter what kind of weird shit you are into, the Internet has something to offer, especially if your hobby is picking fights with diehard Trump fans.

The Twitter handle @ClaraFeminist has caught some viral attention after she tweeted a picture of the words “FUCK TRUMP,” which she claims to have written with her feces.

The caption with the tweet is simple and straight to the point. It reads, “I JUST WROTE #FUCKTRUMP WITH MY POOP.”

The disturbing image was tweeted out on May 25, but the tweet seems to have gathered more attention in the last 48 hours. As of now, the twet has received over 4,000 replies.

While we cannot be sure that the user did, in fact, use her feces for her little PSA, looking through her account it does appear to be a troll account geared towards enraging Trump’s avid followers.

The accounts first tweet was also made on May 25 and read, “… Twitter suspended last account so I decided to make new one! #FUCKTRUMP

The second tweet from the account read, “#banfathersday Men don’t deserve a Day!!! ALL THEY DO IS NEGLECT THEIR KIDS!!! JUST LIKE TRUMP.”

The entire account revolves around the idea of fuck Trump and banning father’s day. Despite being a pretty apparent troll account, people are still breaking rule 14 of the Internet. “Do not argue with trolls — it means that they win.”



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