Tucson Arizona Police Department Respond To Claims Of Child Sex Camp

Tucson Police Department released a statement on the alleged child sex camp found by Veterans on Patrol

  • TPD claims that there is no evidence indicating the camp was used for child trafficking

  • A cadaver dog was reportedly brought out to the area and found nothing

  • The alleged sex camp was found by Veterans on Patrol on May 29

For the last few days, thousands of people on social media have been following the story of an alleged child sex camp discovered in Tucson, Arizona on May 29.

The group Veterans on Patrol were searching for homeless veterans in the area when they discovered what many are calling a child sex camp. Straps hang from a tree believed to be used as restraints for rape. An underground bunker allegedly acted as a holding cell for children being trafficked. Despite a quickly growing following on social media, the group is finding little help from law enforcement.

On Monday, the Tuscon Police Department released a statement about the alleged sex camp on their Facebook. A statement many on social media are disputing.

One of the demands the veteran group has made was for the TPD to bring a cadaver dog to the area to search for bodies. According to the TPD, a cadaver dog was brought on the scene and at this time there is no evidence to back the theory that the camp was used to traffick children.

Media Release: Suspicious Activity – W. Valencia Rd. and S. I-19

On May 29, 2018, the Tucson Police Department responded to the site of what appeared to be a one-time homeless encampment located on private property in the area of W. Valencia Rd. and S. I-19. Several individuals from a group of affiliated homeless veterans discovered the site and expressed concerns about possible criminal activity at that location. Tucson Police Department officers, detectives, and command staff conducted a thorough inspection of the site, spoke to the reporting parties, and collected evidence. Based on the department’s investigation to this point, there is no indication this camp is being used for any type of criminal activity, including human trafficking. Yesterday, an unsubstantiated assertion was made that a body might be buried at the site. A cadaver dog was used to check the area with negative results.

The department has been in contact with the property owner who advised no one has permission to be on the property. The police department and property owners are working with City code enforcement officials to clear out the encampment and secure the property.

The Tucson Police Department takes all reports of suspected criminal activity seriously and appreciates the public’s awareness.

Original Story

Veterans on Patrol is a group that actively searches areas for homeless veterans to help get off the street. The group was shocked when they stumbled upon what appears to be a child sex camp in Tucson, Arizona along the border.

The first camp was found in the area of I-19 and Valencia. The group found suspicious materials in the area not generally seen at homeless camps. Craig “Sawman” Sawyer posted a video to his Facebook of “rape trees.” The trees were covered in straps that are believed to be used to restrain people while they are being raped.

Sawyer is a 54-year-old highly decorated veteran. He was a Marine sniper and a member of Navy SEAL Team Six. Sawyer is filming a documentary called “Contraland.” The video is geared towards the child sex trafficking industry.

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