The Truth Behind The Tragic Death Of Daniella Pride

The truth behind the tragic death of Daniella Pride

  • Pride had her parental rights terminated in May of 2016

  • Days ago Pride passed away from an overdose

  • Advocates against Child Protection Services claim losing her children is what killed her

The group of advocates trying to battle the corruption of Child Protection Services is a smaller one. Across the country, parents who feel they have had their children wrongfully removed from the home have formed a tight niche group of support for one another.

While many parents have faced wrongful accusations, at times, it’s hard to remember that some of these kids were living in a dangerous situation and needed to be removed from the home. When the idea gets out of hand that every child removed by the state was done so wrongfully, you end up with a prison mentality of “everybody in here is innocent.”

Daniella Pride

This mentality has come to fruition recently following the death of 29-year-old Daniella Pride. Just days ago Pride passed away following an overdose. Almost immediately after her death, advocates against CPS saw it as a chance to further their agenda of wrongful child removal and completely missed the real problem at hand.

In May of 2016, Pride received termination orders from a judge in regards to the custody of her four children. In the days following her death Pride’s Facebook page has been overflowing with posts damning CPS for being responsible for taking the young woman’s life.

While many used Pride’s death as a symbol for what CPS can do to a parent, the majority missed the fact that her addiction to heroin did not begin after the termination, but instead played a key role in the young mother losing her parental rights.

Her family says they watched Pride use heroin, date abusive men, and go in out of jail for years. Even throughout her custody hearings Pride was still using heroin. While CPS should have provided the young mother with the tools needed to fight her addiction, they also cannot allow a child to live with an avid heroin user who appears to not wish to receive those tools.

The Real Killer

People would like to blame CPS for this death, but by doing so, one of America’s biggest killers is being let completely off the hook. The country is in the middle of the largest opiate epidemic it has every seen. America is using over 90% of the world’s opiate supply, which is the real issue behind Pride’s death.

There is nothing harder than losing your children, especially when they are wrongfully taken, but it is not a ticket to do as you please with no repercussions. TDH has dealt with countless families over the years that have been wrongfully accused by CPS, but that did not force them to drugs, alcohol, and other felonious behavior. Instead, they fought to regain custody of their children.

At a time where a family should be grieving the loss of their daughter, they instead have to explain to strangers that CPS is not responsible for her death. True supporters of Pride should be looking at how they can further the fight against heroin, which is claiming an alarming amount of lives each year, instead of searching for somewhere to cast the blame.

A Facebook post from Pride’s father states a few ideas of where the family would like to see support go. The entire post can be read below.



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