Woman claims Trump supporter pulled her Hijab off her head at a Walmart

Woman claims her Hijab was pulled off her head at a Walmart

  • Mahu Abdul Gawad claimed the strange woman pulled the Hijab off her head then told her she should hang herself with it

  • Gawad’s post went viral and has been shared over a thousand times

  • Anti-Trump protests continue around the country

During the Presidential Election, many were scared by Trump’s radical ideas towards Muslim’s, Mexican’s, and basically all ethnic minorities.

The main reason for the fear of the racially charged talk during Trump’s campaign seems to stem from the surprising number of people that support the extreme ideas. One of those ideas being to deport all Muslims.

Today those fears were justified for one woman. Maha Abdul Gawad posted a status on her Facebook 11 hours ago telling the story of her horrific trip to Walmart.

“This is not allowed anymore”

Gawad claims that during a trip to Walmart on Wednesday a woman approached her and forcibly removed her Hijab. A Hijab is a head covering that Muslim women wear in public.

Gawad claims that after removing the Hijab, the woman then told her “this is not allowed anymore.” This strange woman allegedly went on to say Gawad should hang herself with her Hijab.

My first racist encounter after our new joke of a president, as I am at Wallmart today a woman came up to me and pulled my Hijab of and said “this is not allowed anymore, so go hang yourself with it around your neck not on your head” I am traumtized.

TDH reached out Gawad but have yet to receive a comment. At this time it is unknown where the Walmart where the incident occurred is located. The story has gone viral and in doing so is adding more darkness to one of America’s darkest times.

At this time we are unable to confirm or deny the validity of this story. While it could just be an Internet troll, the Facebook account was not recently setup, which is a normal sign of a troll account. However, the URL has the name Jesse Owens in it, meaning, there is a good chance that the account changed names at some point since its creation.

Since the announcement that Trump won the Presidential Election, protests have broken out around the country. Led by anti-Trump supporters, some of these protests have escalated to the point of destruction of property and unprovoked violence, including a confirmed shooting in Seattle.



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